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 Travel Itienary for B2 Visa?
I am travelling with my children to the US for 4mths on a B2 Tourist Visa. I am divorced and have the fathers legal consent for the kids to travel. ( the letter of consent was prepared and registered ...

 Adjustement of Status - Interview?
I recentely applied for AOS through marriage to a U.S. Citizen. Received a receipt form USCIS Missouri National Benefits center dated May 30th.

I would greatly appreciate if some of you ...

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 I have got USA visitor visa for 10 years do i have to visit usa with in first six months of visa issue?

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What are documents needed for my dependent visa application and from which ministries should my marriage certificate be attested . we got married in ...

 How can we demonstrate the german embassy how can I explain to them that we will not stay longer in germany?
that we will transfer in Denmark how can I explain it to them clearlly that they will believe me and I can get my ...

 Getting Married Shes From Australia and Im From us?
ok so me and my gf want to get married and shes from Australia and Im from the us, and we decided for me to move out there. now she has duel citizenship With Australia and The Us. What is the best ...

 Traveling To China, How Soon Can I Get an F-Visa?
I am traveling to China in 12 days and need to get a visa.

I am barely receiving my passport in a few days.

I need an F-Visa but read that in order to get one i need to have ...

 What do i need to do to work in south korea.Im in the philippines and i already have an employer in korea.?
Ive already spoken with the korean embassy here in manila and they told me that i need a confirmation number from the local immigration office in korea so I asked my employer to go there but my ...

 Passport Application (Parents Birthdate)?
I just filled out the passport application and realized I forgot to put my parents birthdate. I already handed everything in to the post office and paid the fine. Is the parents birthdate really ...

 Is....PLEASE Answer?
is blubster ilegal??...

 K1 Visa Questions?
I have a few questions regarding the K1 visa process:

How long does the process usually take? From filling out the forms to arrival in the USA?

Second, and perhaps most ...

 I am in USA, on H1B VISA?

 Hard to fill vacancies in the usa?

 I file for i130, when are they going to approve it?

I am a legal permanent resident . I filed for my wife .I sent the document on 20th dec 2006.

I got a receipt letter on 5th january 2007.My case is at california service ...

 Obtaining A Passport and Visa?
hi, I don't know the first thing about how to obtain a passport, how do you go about getting that and how long does it take? This coming summer (if everything goes as planned) I would like to ...

 How do I get a travel visa for Brazil?
I am a US citizen looking to travel to Brazil very soon. How do i obtain a visa? I have a passport...are visa's included with an airline ticket? Do i have to go to the consulate near by or ...

 I would like to become Indian resident i have EU passport Italy how i proceed ??

 "send ppt i-20 with feasible date date"?
My visa (F-1) was on hold for Administrative Procesing .I checked the wesbite and next to my Application number "send ppt i-20 with feasible date" is being given. Please let me know what ...

 I live in uk but have an irish passport. i am going to egypt in april and want to know which country i apply?

Passport numbers?
can passport numbers start with a letter and have six numbers after it
Additional Details
what about irish passports

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britishpassport numbers only have 9 numbers

but then mine is 9 years old

what the new ones are

i havent got a clue


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As far as I know UK passport numbers dont have any letters in them

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Ivan Z
Its correct British passport do not have letters in the number - it numeric and not alphanumeric. The Irish passport does have letters and numbers. Within the EU since there is only a national citizenship, member states can still determine the structure of the number any way they want. This could change in the future, once all passports had different national colours. Now all passports from citizens of an EU member state are the same colour - ''Wine''. To answer your question, question YES but it depends on the country.

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