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 Processes involved in Sponsoring someone for a working visa..?
I'm a Social Worker from the Philippines..I will be going back to my country few weeks from now after 18 months of being away from my family. I worked as a Camp Counselor in North Carolina at a ...

 How can i work for american consulate in the phillipines?
, i'm having trouble finding the actual ...

 Im 17 can i get a passport without my parents?
and where do i get one at?...

 Was regionalism an impediment to national unity during british rule in india??r=1237309403?

 I am planning on getting married in Egypt to an Egyptian can someone give me contact info? Who to call and how?
Also what documents will be needed? I would like to hear from someone that has done this before. Thanks :)
Additional Details
I am a muslim american woman....

 Just applied for a visitor visa help needed pleaseee?
hello all help would be really apriciated thxx well my problem is ..my fiance is a us citizen i jsut filed a visitor visa which i got denied i never said i have a fiance in the us on the ...

 What happens if I stay in France over 90 days without a VISA?
I'm a US citizen and I booked my trip thinking it was only for 90 days so I didn't need a VISA, but when I got to the ticket counter they told me it's really 91 and I may never be able ...

 Why do Canadian citizens pay more than any other countries for a Laos Visa?

 Bulgarian Embassy address?
Does anyone knows where is the exact address of the Bulgarian Embassy in bulgaria? Thank you very much....

 Visa agreement with french embassy , Bombay?
Hi all,

Need a help :
every time we apply for visa in frecnh emassy but we get maximum valiadity for 1 month (30day ), we have been asked to produce the DDTEFP Letter (French M...

 Wheree the heck do you get a visa in illinois for myanmar(burma)?
im doing this retarded thing where i pretend im visiting myanmar for school.
where do you get a visa in illinois for myanmarr?
not a passport, a visa.....

 How do i legelly change my name PLEASSE?
Hello everyone,
I've just got married and because of that I'm aware that I can legally change my maiden name. But how about if I want to change my first name also at the same time? ...

 I am half Swiss and have a swiss passport. Can my husband (he is English) get a Swiss passport?
My Father is Swiss and my husband and I visit Switzerland when we can, for holidays, we plan to maybe move there in the future.
Additional Details
Please note I am HALF S...

 Im bolivian, do i need a mexican visa if i am only there as a passenger in transit?

 Thinking about future as foreign service officer?
I've been thinking about college and a potential career in the federal government with the State Department and such as a FSO. I've thought that a double major in history and Arabic (or M...

 How to renew the philippines passport?
how to renew my Philippine passport here in ...

 How do I bring my fiance from iraq to the U.S.?
visa? passport?...

 How to become Foreign secretary of india?

 Different Signed or Signature from the papers that was submitted to NVC Vs. my signed in some Application Form?
First I was told by my Fiance to put my complete name as my signed or signature for those papers i filled out before we apply for a K1 Visa that was actually submitted to NVC,the problem is i was not ...

 How and where can i have my documents certified in the Philippines?
I need to have a certified copy of my transcript, birth certificate,pages of my passport and ielts result coz it is needed for my school application papers and i'm really clueless on where and ...

I need to renew my polish passport and am now in usa?
what decoment i need to renwe my polish passport?

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you could look online and see if you can fill out a passport renewal thing and send it in, or just go to the actual embassy (depending on how close you are to washington DC)

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You need to contact the nearest Polish Consulate and ask them.

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Sorry as I don't read Polish i can't say but this appears to be the place to start.

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