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How do i invite someone who lives in africa, to the usa?
i want to invite a family of friends from nigeria to the usa, how do i do this, what paperwork would i need to get,

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Sean P
If the length of stay is under 90 days a passport should suffice. If for longer I would suggest contacting either the State Department or a Nigerian Embassy.

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If they are students, no problem!! Write to the American embassy, with all they're information.

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please go to uscis.com for all your visa questions. its a good site.

good luck:)

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You can start with this website http://nigeria.usembassy.gov/ A letter of invitation is usually advised. They may also need to show strong ties to their country, such as family, a job, home, a bank account. If they are professionals, they may want bring a certified copy of their degree and credentials, translated in English with them to their interview. They may also want to know your current income, proof of relationship , how long you have known them. You may be able to email the consulate for updated information.Consulates are usually very helpful when requesting information for visa requirements and eligibility.

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maybe a visa?

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Vicky V
write them a letter. make them fill up the necessary paper and ask them to bring you're letter of invitation with them.

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A passport is NOT enough when you are from Nigeria, the visa waiver program only applies to 27 countries, which excludes all African countries.

Send them a letter of invitation to facilitate the paper process. Your friends need to contact the diplomatic mission of Abuja.

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Prepare an invitation letter in their behalf and help them complete their documents for submission of the application for US visas to the embassy in Nigeria.

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