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Hi i want to get a passport for my daughter?
Im 18 years old and i am american. i currently live in yemen and am married within my religion of islam however i am not married legally. my husband has traveled and he hasnt given me any date on when hes coming back and im not sure if he is.im stuck in yemen because he wasnt here when i delivered our baby and now the embassy requires he give permission to obtain a passport. he wont give me permission. what should i do? how can i obtain a passport and do i really need his permission since he and i are both american citizens. serious answers only. thanx so much

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Can you travel to or call another country to speak with a different US embassy staff? That's might be your best bet.

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As of February 1, 2008, the law requires the signature of both parents, or the child's legal guardians, prior to issuance of a U.S. passport to children under the age of 16.


Both parents, or the child’s legal guardians, must execute the child’s passport application and provide documentary evidence demonstrating that they are the parents or guardians; or the person executing the application must provide documentary evidence that such person has sole custody of the child; has the consent of the other parent to the issuance of the passport; or is acting in place of the parents and has the consent of both parents, of a parent with sole custody over the child, or of the child’s legal guardian, to the issuance of the passport.


The law does provide two exceptions to this requirement: (1) for exigent circumstances, such as those involving the health or welfare of he child, or (2) when the Secretary of State determines that issuance of a passport is warranted by special family circumstances.

Talk to the IS embassy and see if they can help. Since you are in a foreign country this can be very difficult. Sorry I can't be of more help!

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George L
The first answer above is no doubt well intended, but doesn't really cover the question of how can this woman get a US passport for her daughter. That's a pretty good question as current US law requires the signatures of both parents before a child under the age of 16 can be issued a US passport. Aside from that, husbands and family can definitely block a wife, and/or children from leaving the country whether the wife is Yemeni or American or whatever, and they do.

There are some other aspects to this as well. Do you currently have any immigration status in Yemen? If you are out of status, there are immigration fines that build up over time. Do you have your own passport, or not. Even if the embassy issues you a new passport, there will be questions with Yemeni immigraition over how you came into the country, and your status.

If you can get to the embassy, you need to discuss this with them completely, to see if you even have the ability to leave yourself, and whether your daughter would be able to leave if they can issue a passport at some point. Did you ever register the birth of your daughter at the embassy? If not, that is something you will need to do before they can issue a passport. and you need to see if there are any exceptions to the 2 signature policy. Unfortunately, these problems can be very difficult to resolve.

Here's some relevant text from the Country Specific Information for Yemen available at http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1061.html.

In certain situations, however, foreigners are required to obtain exit visas from the Immigration and Passport Authority headquarters in Sanaa. These cases may include, but are not limited to, foreigners who have overstayed the validity date of their visa; U.S.-citizen children with Yemeni or Yemeni-American parents who are not exiting Yemen with them; foreigners who have lost the passport containing their entry visa; foreign residents whose residence visas are based on their employment or study in Yemen, marriage to a Yemeni citizen, or relationship to a Yemeni parent; or foreign residents who have pending legal action (including court-based "holds" on family members' travel). All minor/underage U.S. citizens should be accompanied by their legal guardian(s) and/or provide a notarized letter in Arabic of parental consent when obtaining exit visas to depart Yemen. In all of these more complex cases, obtaining an exit visa requires the permission of the employing company, the sponsoring Yemeni family member, the sponsoring school or the court in which the legal action is pending. Without this permission, foreigners -- including U.S. Citizens -- may not be allowed to leave Yemen.

American women who also hold Yemeni nationality and/or are married to Yemeni or Yemeni-American men often must obtain permission from their husbands for exit visas. They also may not take their children out of Yemen without the permission of the father, regardless of who has custody (see Special Circumstances section below).

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you asked
rules for over seas births to US citizens require proof of birth from a doctor or hospital from the birthplace. If you can do that, send the appropriate fee and application and wait for the passport a US passport may also be picked up from the US Embassy near your location. According to US marriage laws if you two do not have an official marriage license filed within the state you guys were married in it isnt recognized by law. Its true in many of those countries a country's embassy will not let a woman leave without her husbands permission BUT as a US citizen you most certainly can leave that country at anytime without his permission especially since your us citizen husband has seemed to desert you. You must contact the US embassy in Yemen and request US assistance to return back to your home country. They will have you sign some papers for a repatriation loan and will also arrange your flights and papers. I speak from hard experience of being stuck in a foreign country and was too scared to leave and couldnt even if I wanted due to being locked in and I had 3 kids with me and was pregnant at the time all kids were us citizens though like me . One day when my mom called I told her in a whisper that I was scared and feared my life and she contacted the US embassy in the country I was in and they collaborated with the local police and showed up to the house and under armed security were removed 4 days later I was home. I am very interested in helping you out as much as possible in giving you information that you need....my email is muslimahforeverUSA@yahoo.com you can correspond with me through that email and tell me a bit more and I can see how I can assist you to get back home over here. I can just tell that all is not right and that you are stuck.

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