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Natalie H
Does your passport contain information on your criminal record?
My partner and I have booked to go to America and he has a criminal record (nothing serious, drunk and disordley 3 years ago) but he has no time to get a visa now so I wanted to know if his criminal record will show on the computer the Americans use to scan your passport.

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No such information is on your passport. Unfortunately we do not know what information is passed without out knowledge to the Americans. You should ask the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) as they will give free advice and if the person you speak to does not know the answer they will find it for you. Could be worth a go as you would then know exactly how you stand on this. Best of luck and if you make it have a great holiday.

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The passports do not have that kind of information, at least the ones issued in Mexico and as far as I know neither the ones issued in US.
When you request a passport they used to ask you to present a letter from the authorities of no criminal record, if you had a record they wouldn´t issue your passport, but I think they are not doing it any more, in my country.


When you say, ¨go to America¨, where exactly are you going? because Brazil is America, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Salvador, Guatemala, and very many other countries, including the country with out name, (I mean U.S.) They are ALL in America...
In case you don´t know....

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I didn't think u can get a passport with a criminal record
but anyways it will show up on the computer

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i work in a travel agents and although you cannot get a passport if you have a criminal record, they can check at the airports if they choose to

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You cannot get a # CLEAN # passport if you own a criminal record..............y our welcome.............well ....you can get one but when you get to the border..........all youre info shows up on the computer.............it's strange that they don't ask the color of your underwear.............
Cause I've even been asked about my parent history one time......................

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State Department and CBP computers have a lot of information from the FBI, which includes information that the FBI gets from Interpol. That is why we consular officers sometimes know if a visa applicant has a criminal record outside of the US. CBP at the port of entry might also know, since our systems talk to each other. The data is indexed by name, date of birth and country of citizenship, if known.

That said, the likelihood that your friend's mistake would show up at the port of entry is extremely (very extremely!) unlikely. Interpol generally concerns itself with more serious crimes. In addition, even if the record does show up, the crime does not make your friend inadmissible to the US: only a CIMT (crime involving moral turpitude) would do that. Drunk and disorderly is not a CIMT.

It might still be useful if he carried with him a copy of his court record, just in case, if that will make him feel more secure.

Why the negative vote? This is the truth - maybe not what someone would prefer to be true, but true nonetheless.

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Social Science Lady
No it does not, at least not in writing for us all to read. Whether there is any encrypted information on it we are not told. However I doubt that very much. I think you are quite safe to travel without undue worry; you could try asking the passport office, by telephoning them.

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Mighty Hammer
I would check but that should be alright. The new passports (U.K) have got a tiny chip in the back. Supposedly this is to stop theft, cloning etc. But as this is the explanation from our government I'm slightly dubious.

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not from the passport but it will show up when they run his name through the computer!!! they could turn you back!!!!

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This website is very useful.


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