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 How long doe sit take for some one to get a green card, when married to a citizen ?

Does the U.S. have an ambassador to every country in the world?
And does every other country have an ambassador here in the U.S.?

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No. We're not in friendly terms with all the countries in the world.

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No, not even close.

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naw florida has yet to name an ambassador

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Richard F
No, only the ones we recognize. We recognize most countries. The importance of this is that when we do not have an ambassador negotiations with that country take a different approach.
Recognition is usually mutual and they send ambassadors here.

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Seinen Wakichou
No. The U.S. will only have ambassadors to countries with which it has formal relations. There is no ambassador to Cuba, Iran or North Korea. There is also no ambassodor to Taiwan. There are no ambassadors from those countries as well that are recognized as such by the U.S. Relations with Cuba are conducted indirectly through the Cuban Interests section of the Swiss embassy. Iran is handled by Pakistan.

Also, several countries will be deemed too small to warrant a full embassy with an ambassador. Those coutries may have counsulates, missions or no represenatives at all. For instance, there is no ambassador to Andorra or San Marino and no embassies in those countries.

The U.S. State Department provides a list of the countries with recognized embassies in the U.S.

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