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 What age are you allowed to go to the U.S.A alone?
and what do you have to do to live in the U.S.A ?
Additional Details
and how old do you have to be to go to the state of georgia,atlanta(in some states i think is different)...

 Does it bother anyone else that a lot of our embassies look like palaces or mansions?
I perceive a lot of embassy jobs as political pork, fluff jobs for politicians friends and campaign contributors. I believe we could save millions by cutting a lot of unnecessary embassy jobs and ...

 Urgent please help with visa?????
hi, i am married to an albanian and we are travelling to spain shortly, he needs a schengen visa to travel to EU countries and the spanish embassy have been very unhelpful and we can not get an ...

 Does an american national need a visa to visit the uk?

Additional Details
and if so how does an american get ...

 Conditional Resident Green Gard?
Is it true that once the green card process begins and the husbands decides to separate from his wife he can still get the conditions lifted from the green card and obtain a permenant green card ...

 What is a refugee?

 I am married with spain guy, we have live in spain more than 1 year, can I request my citenzship in London? ?

Additional Details
Can I request my spain citenzship from Spain Consultare in London??? Or I need to go back to Spain to request?...

 What is the purpose of our actual being, not philosophically?
is there any NEW ideas that come to mind?...

 My friend has a mexico drivers license and she just turned 21......can she go to Vegas with that license?

 Can you get marriage while in The US on a tourist visa if your marriage was not already planned?
Ok.I am from Italy.I met my boyfriend here while he was deployed here.He suddenly have to leave and I want to marry him more than anything and spend my life with him.we are thousand miles apart and ...

 Doe's Anyone Know the best Visa, easiest one , to get into the U.S for a long stay! The Cost of said Visa.

 I have a turkish friend and i want him to cometo england for a holiday what do i need to do so he can.?
i would like a turkish friend to come for a holiday at my home in england but hes never been out of turkey before and hasnt got a passport what dose he need and how do we get it....

 I want to become an illegal alien, who do i have to contact? Senator Feinstein wont answer me.?
Dear Senator Feinstein,

As a Californian and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue Service, I
am writing to ask for your assistance. I have contacted the Immigration and

 Im from Philippines, Does my brothers need to take medical exam too if im going to apply permanent visa?
My spouse sponsored me to get permanent visa to Canada, does my brother and mother needs to take medical exam as well?
Additional Details
John you're answer is the best! =)) stop ...

 I have applied for my passport in19 nov 2007 but i didn't recieve my paasport till the date.?
file ref no.: LKOA176769
Name:Vishwa Pratap pandey
from last 2 months it shows following status report:

Police Report is incomplete and the case is being ...

 Where can I buy the lowest rate ticket for US from India?
Is there any specific website for air tickets between India and US

How many days before I have to book the tickets

How many days before I have to book so that I get cheap price ...

 Hi sir, i am hamid khan and my friend request me to ask a question to you about his visa decision & appeal?
i want to add some information about him
name: Zahir khan
passport number: SH.4106731
Date of birth:01-01-1974
visa reference number:FCO/1407891/2007
i have five ...

 Will i lose my U.S. Citizenship if i live outside the U.S. for more than five consecutive years?
Where can i fine this ruling in the Emigration regulation?...

 How large is a passport picture?
For printing ...

 When is Japan leaving the United Nations?

Can someone 'defect' to Canada?

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Douglas D
Well Mikael Baryznakov did.

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I guess you can. They use to do it during the Vietnam war.

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Heads up!
You can immigrate here legally either as a landed immigrant or refugee , or come here as a student.If you are American you can visit for 3 months but not legally work.What is the reason you want to defect? Canada is a great place to live if you have skills that earn you good money otherwise you will struggle , the same with most countries I would assume.

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Willis Jeffords
from where? Canada is so indifferent, I don't think they have any enemies.

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Monique D
If you are not a Canadian citizen and you just up and go to Canada, you are allowed to be there as a visitor only. If you overstay the tourist time period (typically 3 months) or plan to do so, you need to get a visa, otherwise you will be an illegal immigrant in Canada (and working without papers would be difficult). It is just like the states in terms of immigration and visa law, except it tends to be easier to get a long-term "green card" in Canada than it is to do so in the U.S. My advice: just do it legally, it'll take a couple months and some cash to file everything but you stand pretty good chances of being allowed in to live there legally with all the rights of a permanent resident if you do it this way.

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