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Can i renew my indian passport in madrid spain if i am there on work visa?

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www mittalji.com
No. It is case of re-issue. Re-issue from anywhere.

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yes you may, go on the site of the embassy of India and check for passport renewal :
Indian Embassy in Madrid, Spain

Embassy of India in Madrid, Spain
Av. Pio XII, 30-32
28016 Madrid
City: Madrid
Phone: 911315120 or 911315121
Fax: 34 91 345 1112
Web Site: http://www.embajadaindia.com/
Email: amb.madrid@mad.servicom.es
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 08:30-13:30 / 14:00-17:00

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yes.go to your embassy,with the pictures and the old passport and money for the new one.

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Yes. You should be able to renew your passport from the Indian embassy in Spain.

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Yes, visit your near by indian consutate/embassy for more detail

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Go to the nearby Indian consulate.

If you have valid (legal) Spanish visa u can renew your passport before 6 months of expiry.

Submit and collect in a months time. They will not cancel ur passport & visa

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