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Bringing a woman from the philippines to the usa.?
how hard is it to prove financial hardship if i want to bring a woman from the philippines to the usa to marry without us ever meeting in person in the last two years?

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I brought my wife (then my fiance) from the Philippines here and from what I remember, there were instructions on how to show financial hardship that prohibits you from travelling there to meet in person. It might require more proof of the relationship, though. Just read through the papers to see what you need to do.

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Koko Butta
Why don't you get a filipino from here then.

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Texas Cowboy
I can't answer but am interested in bringing someone over from China for work. I will let you know if I find out anything.

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WTF? !!!!
great more illegals, just what we need......................

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Have you met her at all?.

If you never met her....don't do anything.You should go to the Philippines and meet her first,and if it's been 2 yrs since last met her go back and see her again.
to be sure this is the woman you want to marry.

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helo pilot cfi
wrong marrying foreigner doe's not allow immediate visa to enter our beloved USA >after marriage you will have to file form 130 (DHS) immediate relative visa then wait about one year

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Joy RP
I think you should not marry at all; how can you support your wife if you have financial hardships there in the US? it will be a lot more problems for you; both now and later on

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don't do it, don't we have enough problems with immigration as it is?

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well even if u apply for a fiancee visa for your lady in the Philippines i doubt it also if the visa center will approve your petition because you should be financially stable to be able to bring someone in the States. but its still worth a try... file for a fiancee petition and prove your relationship with the filipina through letters and other pieces of evidence.

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If I'm understanding your question correctly, you want to bring a woman from the Philppians and get married. First of all, if you marry her while in the Philippians and she becomes your wife, she can come back to the Stated with you on a visa. She has to live in the United States for a minimum of 6 months before she can apply for citisenship if you are married. If you bring her to the United States without being yet married, she has to live in the United States on her visa for 6 months before you can obtain a marriage licsense.

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Get pictures of her in the slum.

Should do the trick

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You will have a difficult time with your case. For example, how can you afford to support a wife if you cannot even afford to buy a plane ticket to meet her? How valid could your relationship possibly be if it has only been a long distance relationship for the past two years - what is the viable basis?

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