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 How to get custody of my great niece when she's in foster care with her mother?
My niece is 15 and has a 2 month old baby. The baby was put into foster care because her mom felt that she wanted to hurt her. My niece (her mom) went into foster care with her so that she could be ...

 As an AP, do you ever find yourself being a "label whore"?
What I mean is, do you ever freak out about what the kids call you and your family versus their first family? This is something I really have had to work through ( though I'm not proud to admit ...

 Adoption Advice Please...At what age do u tell your child that she is adopted?
Is 7 too young or old? I hope its not too late. My fear is that she will be mentally scarred or angry....

 Can My Husband Adopt My Daughter?
My daughters biological father no longer sees my daughter and has stopped the maintainance, he threw a hissy fit on Good Friday as we believe that you cannot eat meat (apart from fish) on that day, ...

 What are good questions when speaking to a potential BirthMother the 1st time?
we are the potential adoptive parents. Just wonder what others' 1st conversation went like. thanks. It's not a match yet, just a talk....

 How do i find fake abortion papers?
I got pregnant by my boyfriend, im 3 weeks pregnant & he now know. he is so happy to become a father. yes, im in love with him. but he is doing some illegal things that i fear that would hurt me &...

 Considering adoption but wondering about a different nationality?
My husband and I are strongly considering adoption. We have been praying fervently about it. We do not have any kids of our own yet, but would like to in the future. We have been married four years ...

 Why are the same questions being posted several times?
It seems that in this category many people are posting the same question several times - and it is the exact same question, just from different posters. I'm curious as to why this is happening? ...

 For adoptees, firstmothers, adoptive parents..Do you agree or disagree with this writing?
I am really interested in your opinions/POV. All 3 pages are an excellent, informative read...or at least that is my opinion.
An excerpt....

 I hope that this dont offend anyone ....where do i need to go to find out about private adoptions?
me and my husband want to adopt but we really dont know where to start i have tried to find sights on the web but havent really had any luck at it .i would like to put a add online but dont know ...

 Why don't people adopt in the US anymore?
I was wondering why parents don't adopt children from this country. There are so many latino and african american children in need of homes. Several colleagues at work have gone to China and I ...

 Are you a member to more than one side of adoption?
For example, are you an adoptee and also a natural parent? Or are you an adoptive parent and also a social worker or other adoption agency rep.? (Any combination.)

If so, with which side ...

 Meeting the woman that relinquished you!?
Are there any adoptees that have met their bio mother/father and were disappointed with whom they were? and visa versa (bio parents not wanting to connect) with their relinquished children after ...

 My daughter is adopted - a question for adoptees?
I adopted my daugther when she was 6 months old from Kazakhstan. Her birth mother relinqhished custody of her one day after her birth, and she lived in a maternity hospital until I adopted her. Can ...

 I need some advice?
Going on three years ago i had my kids taken away by DFS and they put 2 of my kids up for adoption. The other day I went to let my mother adopt my oldest son. I mean dont get me wrong or anything i ...

 How do I search for a child that was put up for adoption 19 yrs ago?

 My *lucky* adoptee...?
Does anyone have any links or books about being sensitive to an adoptee that I can share with my son's teacher and Principal?

For the second time this school year we are having ...

 I gave my daughter up for adoption 4 years ago.........?
She was my first, I was very young, I had just graduated high school and her father wanted nothing to do with eithr of us after he found out. I had SUCH a hard time coping..... I felt as though I had ...

 I have a question regarding adoption from China if anyone has done it or info on it.....?
My husband and I are thinking of adopting from China. I am 100% irish and my husband is 100% chinese I was wondering if that makes any difference in the adoption process the fact that my husband is ...

 Im looking to be adopted?
im looking to be adopted by either a single person or a couple...and to me it doesn't matter if you are gay/lez/ or even bi....im juss lookn for someone to be able to call my momma and daddy.......

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So, I just watched Juno- what is all the controversy over it?

Additional Details
Besides a sonogram technician and an untruthful p-adoptive father, I didn't see anything coersive or bad with it. In fact, I'm happy that the baby ended up ... Read More


Heather B
Why Can't People be More Supportive?
of Equal Rights for Adoptees?
Additional Details
If you were to substitute the word 'Adoptee' for something like:

'African Americans are not allowed access to th... Read More


Adoptive parents-If your child asked you to attend...?
A protest asking for reforms in adoption that may not work out in the favour of adoptive parents would you go with them?

Things like extended periods before placement of children and a ban ... Read More


Why are people classing AP as strangers?
I dont like the way people are classing AP as "strangers" or "infertiles" does anyone agree with these names for AP?

In principle, the adoptive parents are strangers to ... Read More


What is the biggest mistake your adoptive parents made in raising you?
I'm talking about mistakes more specific to adoption. What could they have done better? Even those with awesome parents, were there areas they were lacking?... Read More


Wouldn't you love to hear positive stories from adopted children and biological moms here?
I am not saying that all the answers are negative about adoption, but I challenge you today to write one thing positively that has happened if you are adopted or have placed for adoption.

I... Read More


ღDr. Love Muffin's Pirate Ta
What advice would you give to a married couple looking to adopt ....?
My Husband thinks we should adopt a "Baby BOY". I have two girls already and I cannot have any more Children due to a surgery I had last summer.We have a large house and the means to easily ... Read More


Looney Tunes
Happy 2009! - Do you think the US will fix the foster care system this year?
Or make any positive changes!... Read More


i do what i want
Why are there so many papers for adoption as opposed to...?
adopting a dog or cat?backround checks, legal matters, tests, papers,history checks, its insane how much more ppl think humans are more important than animals!they are both equaly important.they are b... Read More


When if ever is the terms birth mom, bio mom applicable and or appropriate?
... Read More


If I found someone and they don't know it yet, what should I do?
There is a couple where I worked before all this happened, and I was told that they want to adopt. They are great people and I know they will be great parents. They don't know about my situation ... Read More


Interracial adoption??
can a Black couple/ Hispanic couple adopt a white baby?... Read More


Higher adoptee expectations?
With adoption* costing so much today ($10-35K), are there more expectations (e.g. loyalty, achievement) for adoptees becuase their adoptive parents often went to great financial lengths to 'buil... Read More


Free to Be
Difficult and provoking question?
Let's say that a very financially successful, married couple found out they are pregnant. This couple did not ever want children though (simply not kid-people). Instead of abortion, they decide t... Read More


Im pregnant, and im thinking of adoption. Does anyone have any suggestions/comments?
Also does anyone know of any adoption agencies that are good or that that know anything about?... Read More


18 year old adopt 13 year old?
Can a 18/19 year old adopt a 13 year old? Or at least have custody without parents permission? My friend was telling me that she was planning to have one of her older friends that is in college adopt ... Read More


Camira B
Do you think religious PAPs/APs are more likely to fight a first parent for custody?
This isn't a jab at religious folks so please don't think that. I'm just wondering because a lot of religious PAPs/APs that I've spoken to have said they knew that the child they a... Read More


If an adoptee marries a adoptee?
do they give birth to an adoptee?... Read More


School Project for my daughter?
As some of you may know (from other questions and my profile) I am adopting my cousin. Last week, she was givin a project in school to do a family tree, complete with a picture and a descriptive senta... Read More


Baking fanatic!
Has your adopted child/children ever had mental/emotional issues after getting adopted?
i have a 15 year old son that i adopted from south korea about 2 years ago. he is extremely quiet, antisocial, and even cold with both me and my husband. its not even like he gives us attitude.. he ju... Read More


BPD Wife
Adoptive Moms - do you ever feel guilty?
Do you ever feel guilty when your child gets seriously ill or hurt? Like maybe the bio family will blame you for something?

We just learned that our son may have a major health issue and... Read More


Sometimes I get tired of being judged. What can I do?
When I decided to adopt, I thought I was doing a good thing. I didn't realize there were so many judgemental people (I'm not talking about people on this site. I talking about people I encou... Read More


Adopting Grandaugher and Now daughter wants her back?
My daughter is now 20 and is stationed in Hawaii with her husband in the Army who will be deployed in June for at least one year. They lived with us when the baby was born neither having jobs. Daug... Read More


Nosy Posey
If an adoptive child's biological parent surfaces up after 12 years, can they legally take the child back?
I am guessing they can't since they have relinquished their rights as a parent. However, I wanted to be sure.... Read More


Who has the most say in where my baby goes?
I am quite young and looking to adopt out my baby. I dont talk to the birthfather anymore, and i went to the adoption agency to pick up some couples profiles. I have found the perfect family, but i am... Read More


Are birth parents selfish with adoption?
I herd some self centerd person (who is adopted), talking about topics on adoption and this is what i herd. "Adoptees dont have to thank anyone for being adopted, but adoptive parents should be g... Read More


What 1 suggestion (not many) would be your priority to change to help the Foster Care System in the USA?
Please, just 1 answer each person. I'd like to know what different #1 answers are to fix the foster care system. I'm hoping that by reading some of these, it might help me be a better pare... Read More


Answers Asker
What r your thoughts on what happened to Steven Curtis-Chapman's daughter?
Steven Curtis-Chapman, who is a huge supporter and advocate of adoption of children from China, lost his daughter yesterday as the result of his teenage son backing a car into her and running her over... Read More


Outraged by responses to woman who wants to give back her adopted kids!!?
How dare all of you judge her that way?Have you guys personally adopted or even dealt with a kid from the system? Yes there are some that just wanna be loved but most are just home wreckers no matter ... Read More


If you were to choose from adopting a homeless child or a homeless dog which one would you choose?
In my opinion it is best to adopt a homeless child rather adopting a dog becasuse even if what the child turns out to be in the future as long as you treat him or her with love and care they will alwa... Read More

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