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by law is a single mother(good job and living conditions) allowed to give her daughter up for adoption (daughter ...

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 When Will Adoptees have a LEGAL Right to the truth of their own origins?
In the UK and many other Countries adoptees and people resulting from egg/sperm donation have a LEGAL right to the truth of their origins equal to any other human being.

When do you ...

 How to find birthmothers?
My husband and I are desperate to adopt. For years we tried to conceive and finally did, but lost a daughter in late June (at seven months into pregnancy) to preeclampsia and have found out that we ...

 Why don't some people like adoptions?
I'll see some question here, like "I want to adopt a baby boy", or something, and you'll get all these idiots saying nasty things, putting people down, and thumbs downing all the ...

 Mothers rights terminated and step parent adoption?
I have been raising my fiance's two little boys for 2 years now. (they are 2 and 3 yrs old) They call me mommy, the bio mom calls every now and then, but hasnt seen them in over a year. They ...

 How do you feel about Adoption?
I am not planning on it but i was thinking about it.
If you adopt a baby when theyre only hours old would it feel the same?
Do the kids really feel that terrible that they dont have proper ...

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Mothers who 'don't love their children' or don't want them any longer'.

The first one, a mom who adopted 2 children from Ukraine 4 years ago....a toddler who mom ...

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There is this girl who I have known since I was a pre-teen. In fact, I baby sat her from the time ...

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 Anyone who is adopted find out ........?
That they had a sibling ......a OLDER Sibling ?

So you were the 2cnd child given up for adoption but the first was kept ?

How did you feel about ?

When did you find ...

 What are some pros and cons for adopting a newborn?
please anything will ...

 Any advice for me, on behalf of my mother-in-law?
Well, many of you know by now that my husband was adopted. So was his brother, who is 3 years older than my hubby. Well, they were raised by alcoholic aparents, their dad 'more so', if ...

 Will the courts give me a child I adopted from the parents but the child is in someone else's home?
My husband and I adopted a child from a couple who could not take care of their child. We went through a private adoption after custody was revoked from the person who the child has been with for ...

 I live in arkansas, my ex gf is prego w/my kid, she wants to put it up 4 adoption, i dont, what can i do?
i just need to know my rights and the options i have, shes 17, im 18, and she will still be 17 when its born. i live in garland county ...

 How do you know if an adoption agency is the way to go? If not how do find a way to do a private adoption?
My husband and I want a child in our life but cannot have our own. We are willing for the birth mom to be involved so a private adoption sounds good to us but, we wondered if an agency was a better ...

Would my children keep getting there survivor benefits if my husband adopts them?
My kids father died in 06. They each get SSI survior benefits. My husband wants to adopt them and give him his last name. We only want to do this if they can keep getting the money. We put the money into a savings account for them and provide full support with our income.
I found this on the SS website. So maybe they do keep getting the benefits.
If someone adopts a child who is receiving benefits
When a child who is receiving benefits is adopted, let us know the child’s new name, the date of the adoption decree, and the adopting parent’s name and address. The adoption will not cause benefits to end.
I posted this on the law and ethics board and all I got was bashing. People think all we are trying to do is mooch off the system. We don't even use the money. We put it into a savings account for each child and we don't want to lose it since it is the only thing there father gave to them.

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If you have kids, there is nothing wrong with trying to get as much money as possible from the system.

Besides, millions of people pay accountants to minimise the tax they spend annually - so those who were bashing you were hypocrites themselves.

Anyway, I'm not too sure with the SSI benefits technicality etc, but good luck!

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Southern Comfort
You would lose the benefits. As they would have a new father on birth certificates.

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Heather B
No, the benefits would cease when they have a new father. Adoption erases the first father as if he never existed - it's really sad.

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Santa's Lil' Helper
I am pretty confident that if your hubby adopts them then thery will lose the benefit. The continuation of benefits ONLY applies to disabled children. Call SSI and ask. Please do not allow them to lose their benefits. They may need this when college time comes around the corner. The father is gone and they are entitled to the death benefits.

Their father is gone, is is it really necessary for hubby to adopt them? You have custody, they are with you. Is the last name really bothering him? Please do not take the only thing they have left of their father, his name.

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mom of many
I would guess that they would lose the ssi as their bio father would no longer be their father. New birth certificates would be issued with the name changes.

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If you aren't sure what the website is telling you, call SSI and ask them personally, or visit your local SSI office, they would be better at telling you.


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anastasia beaverhausen-the real1
if your current husband adopts them, and they have his name on their birth certificates, basically, it erases his in the eyes of the law.

i am not at all trying to be mean. this is how adoption works. you put a new name on the birth certificate, you erase the old one.

so yes, they will no longer get benefits because they are technically no longer related to the deceased.

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call and ask!!! you won't get penalized for asking a question

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I've struggled with this as well. My daughter's dad died on 05 and I had been remarried for along time. She is 14 now, so it's not as big of an issue. I can't believe someone on here said it's just to get more money. My daughter's dad paid child support for her, and obviously that quit when he passed away. I am grateful for the ss money. I don't use alot of it, but it is nice when there is something she wants to do that is pricey- trip for school, a class,etc. I use the money then, because otherwise I probably would not have been able to afford it.

I would call the local social security office and ask someone there. If you've ever called the regular 800# you'll understand why I say this! They aren't really clear on the policy on the web or other info I've received.

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Heather Leigh
I think the section you quoted may only apply to children receiving SS due to their own disability. I am pretty sure they would no longer receive the survivors benefit if your husband adopted them. But I am not 100% sure.

Another thought though...You could leagally change thier last name to your husbands. You won't have to get anyone elses permission so it should be pretty simple.

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Stepparent adoption does not affect SS benefits

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