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cruzy, i do run REALLY fast. sorry that u don't....

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Liquid Vampire
When people that have biological children adopt do they love their adopted children just as much?

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This saying really holds true. "NOT BLOOD OF MY BLOOD NOR BONE OF MY BONE BUT STILL YOU ARE MY VERY OWN, YOU DIDN'T GROW UNDER MY HEART BUT IN IT". tHE ANSWER IS YES. wE HAVE 4 CHILDREN OF OUR OWN & WHEN A LITTLE GIRL CROSSED OUR PATH IN LIFE SHE BECAME #5. I could not love her any different than if she was my own because she became my own.

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manish s
yes why not and all parents love their children...

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in most cases i would say yes
the departments who place children in to adoptive familys do all sorts of interviews and evaluations to make sure a child will be treated as an equal part of the family
generally people dont adopt if they dont want the child as it is a lengthy and exspensive process

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Nathalia M
Yes. Certainly. If love was dependent on blood kinship alone, then nobody would love anybody else.

Yes, adoptive Parents probably make the most loving parents of all, because they go beyond the usual call of duty and love above and beyond the natural instinct.

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We have 7 children. 3 were adopted. there is NO difference in the love we have for them BUT I Hate that i missed some of their lives. I wish I could have held them as babies, seen there first steps..I always wonder if they mis their birth parents and how we can help them heal. I am so lucky they are in our lives! Our kids do not differentiate between siblings and how they came into our family.

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New Jersey
I adopted my son at 3 days old. He is the light and heart and soul of our family. I love him with every fiber in my being. Our family (including aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents) just radiate with love every time they see my son. I am the luckiest mom in the world. I thank god everyday that his birth mother wanted him to have a better a life than she could give him and that she didn't have an abortion. I know 4 other families who have adopted and they love their children with everything they are. Adoption is a wonderful thing. I just wish more people saw it that way.

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I will tell you that I was an orphan, and I have adopted. A child is a gift of god no matter what womb it comes from. If the person does not think they could love the children the same then they should not adopt at all. You have to have a special heart.

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Not a problem. And, my extended family have come to love our new sons as much as any other child within the family.

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farm mom of 10
I have seven biological children, and two adopted children, and we will be adopting our foster son, who is the baby brother of our adopted daughter before the year is out. I love all of my children equally!!
I have written several articles on this subject, if you are interested:


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r s
sadly, it depends on the family....

I think most good hearted people do treat the kids the same.... but there certainly are ones out there that do not... it is really sad.

I think movements like attachment therapy actually encourage adoptive parents to treat their kids they adopted differently.

I know one lady who adopted her step-grandkids, and she treats them like some kind of foster care situation.... like they should be happy she bothered to let them live in her house..

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Jennifer L
I have one biological child and two children from adoption. There is no difference in my love for any of my children.

ETA: Wow, thumbs down for saying I love my children.

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My oldest son was adopted from infancy (not for any reasons of fertility problems). My two young kids are biological. Yes, the love is the same. If I had adopted one child who was older it may be different because there's that bonding that occurs when a child is an infant.

When people adopt older children they can love them tremendously, but children who recall their "previous lives" and who didn't have that infant-bonding thing with their adoptive parents can have a slightly different type of love (even if it's a "big" love) from their adoptive parents.

Love is something that grows as time goes on, though, so an adoptive parents who doesn't quite know his new, adopted, three-year-old usually finds that the love grows and grows as time goes on.

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Yes. Absolutely.

But it doesn't make my biological parents' love any less real.

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I Love A Child With Autism!!!
I love all of my children equally...no matter how they came into life!

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Heather B
Mine did

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Heather Leigh
I love all of my children the same.

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My family was made up of two adopted kids, and two bio kids.

They love/d their own children more.

I don't blame them, though. I think I'd feel the same way.

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Some do and some don't. I have known of families where the adoptive parents go so far as to disrupt an adoption after having biological children. Some simply treat their adopted children inequitably in comparison to their biological children.

I have also known families where the biological and adopted children are all treated and loved equally. In my family, I did not feel that my adoptive parents loved their biological son any more than they did me. I felt we were loved the same.

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