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Dawn R
What to wear on adoption day?
our court date to adopt our 4 children is the 20th of feb. it is only 20 min and we are the only ones there. i dont want to wear jeans and a tank top but i dont want a suit either. do you think new jeans and a nice polo shirts for the boys and husband. and a nice cute top with jeans for my daughter and same for me??

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I Love A Child With Autism!!!
A court room is no place for jeans on an adult. Is this occasion not special enough for you to get dressed up? I have been to court two times, as I have adopted 2 children, and both times all parents and children were dressed in their Sunday best. I can't imagine it any other way...it's not a trip to the zoo!

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Ashley W
I think that sounds very nice. I think whatever you wear, you will be so enthralled with your new little miracle that it just won't matter.
But yes, I think your ideas sound nice. Congrats!!!

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Baby boy due May 2009!
I would wear the suit.
No jeans.

Good luck! And congratulations!

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Yeah, I agree with Phil. Something serious; really jeans???? Its not like you are picking up a puppy from a pound.

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It's a very special day for you! Congratulations to you and your hubby.

You'll only ever get to do this once (adopt 4 kids on the same day), if that is what you want to wear, then so be it.

Mark the occasion by going out and getting a fun family picture done to commerate this wonderful event and splurge and have a nice dinner too.

I envy you, I would have loved to have had kids...enjoy and love and be happy.

All the best.

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Just wear something casual. not too fancy not to bummy looking. U are going to be just fine. I congratulate you.

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i think something smart but it would have to look like you were suitable for looking after the children so not a short skirt or low cut top or anything like that.

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I think this is a court etiquette question, not an adoption question. Jeans are not appropriate. Your husbands and the boys should wear suits, or at least a sport coat and slacks. You and your daughter should wear similarly formal and businesslike attire.

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Wear whatever you'd wear to a funeral. That seems most appropriate.

Some reading for you:

* "Being Adopted: The Lifelong Search for Self" by Brodzinsky, Schecter, and Henig

* "Journey of the Adopted Self" by Betty Jean Lifton

* "The Primal Wound" by Nancy Verrier

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red elephants
Personally I would skip the jeans. I think going semi casual is fine though. I think the polo shirts and nice tops for girls would be nice but maybe a dressier pair of pants. Congrats!

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PLEASE ignore PhilM's answer, he is just bitter.
We dressed up a bit for our adoption days, when we finalize our 2 children. I would suggest a nice pair of pants and a nice shirt would be fine- the most important is that you look nice , because you can take pics that will last a lifetime- CONGRATULATIONS!!

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Since you say you're adopting four children, I'm assuming these are older children adopted through foster care. Since they are older children I would let them dress however they would like to. You and your husband should just dress as you would for dinner out.

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I'd say slacks and polo shirts for boys & hubby and slacks and dress shirt for you and your daughter.

It is a very important and special day even if it is only 20 minutes. :)

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Randy B
Keep in mind you are speaking about appearing in a court of law. It's also the most important day for your children and for you all as a family.

14 years ago when we did our first adoption I had the girls decked out in new dresses, as was my wife. I wore my formal dress uniform and we all had an opportunity to gather around the Judge for photos as he signed the papers. We had the photo blown up and it holds a special place on our "family wall". Our only regret is that for our last adoption last summer there was no court hearing in this Province. It was all done in the Judges chambers and we received notice that the adoption was final in the mail.

The bottom line is, dress to impress. Especially with something like this.

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Just a Mom
No jeans, Dawn. This is a court of law. Wear dresses for the girls and slacks and Polo's for the boys. You and your husband dress up. You want to show the judge that you are respectful. Are these your foster children?

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Angela R
For our boy's adoption days my husband and sons wore tan pants and either polo or button-up shirts. I just wore a sweater and casual skirt. You don't need to get all dressed up, but you do want to look nice.

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Finalizing on 4! Wow! Just don't ware hair rollers!

Just joking!

We dressed in dress casual--and worried about the top half for the pictures... I believe my husband wore his jeans and a dress shirt to the courthouse where he put on his tie and jacket for the Photo Op behind the judges desk... Our college children wore jeans and nice shirts and I wore slacks and a sweater...

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