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 Question on the separation of siblings in adoption?
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 Do you think most adoption agency social workers want first parents to suffer?
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 Do you think the Foster Care Reformers and the Adoption Reformers should join forces for a common cause of ?

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 What did your adoptive parents do for you as an adoptive child to help you deal with your identity issues?
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 Adopting Questions? Please give answers and advice?
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 If you got your Non ID, did you find it factual when you actually reunited?

Additional Details
In my own, I believe the social worker was using my non id to her creative writing course. There is almost nothing in it that is true. I wondered if my and my son&#...

 Question for those of you who have adopted or plan to adopt ?
Okay when you adopt do you really ever truly love the child as if the child were your own natural child?

I'm just curious because I know people say they do but do they really?

 International Adoption?
I am a single woman and most likely to be single in the next 5 years,who is thinking of adopting from Japan. I am a local Okinawan/Japanese-American born and raised in the USA. Is it possible for me ...

 "CPS program brings together parents and foster parents"... what do you think?
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"CPS District III Program Manager Gary Arnold ...

 How does an independent adoption work?
Im talking about when you adopt from a friend of a friend of a friend of another friend? Without an adoption agency involved?...

 Getting married in japan and adoption?
i am gay. and i want to go to japan. will i be able to get married and adopt kids? also, will i even be able to find gay men? and how? like, because i know it's not all that open over there.....

 Long lost sister..;.?
I found out I had a half sister from my dad's second marriage. I have been searching for her for so long! My dad won't talk about her so all I know is what my dad told my mom before they ...

 Do you celebrate "Family Day", "Homecoming Day", "Gotcha Day"...?
Whatever you choose to call it.

What do you do on those days?

Or do you not recognize it at all?

We have celebrated 2 "family days" with baby girl and ...

 How to find biological parents?
I was adopted from Paraguay, and I live in the United States. I would someday like to find my biological parents. Where should I start?...

 Is adoption child abuse?

Additional Details
In a sense that some people say that adopting parents that do not adopt from foster care are taking the kids from their natural family to suit their own desires.

 Who do you think hurts the most the birth giver or the child?
All I ever hear on here is that we should be thankful and grateful to the birth givers for not having an abortion but giving us up. And how much they are hurting. Maybe some of them are but for the ...

Terri B
What is the maximum age limit for adoptive parents?
My husband and I are attending a foster parent training class next month. When we get a foster child, we would like to adopt them eventually if that option becomes available. My husband and I are 38 years old. Is there an age limit for adoptive parents?

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Fox V
It is not really say what each wants ,in the first place all depends of the orphanage centers and other institutions for adoptions ,everything depends on the state of material ,that if a person who wants to adopt a child you care depends on the age too.First you can not get a child to grow up if it does not mean yo are a couple mom and dad for child ,so you have to be married ,then you need a certain age you grow up ,and then maximum age should not exceed 40 years because this is the age limit ,if you passed it ,you could no longer have the right to something that may not care to a child when you are too old, reasons for health is probably viewed with concern and more .And my parents wanted a child care from the state does not have allowed this has been through 1997-1998 and then my parents had opportunities and the age of 44 respectively 53 ,now likely or changed some of the laws on this ,probable i don't know this......

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We were kinship guardians of a grandchild and recently became the adoptive parents at 53 & 57 so you have allot of time left.

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tickled blue
There is an age limit, but you are nowhere near it...don't worry!

<<adoptive mommy through foster care

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I just did a private adoption and the couple i found where 46 so you have some years to go good luck

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My husband and I are about your age (within a few years). One thing that others haven't mentioned so far, so I will, is that while there ARE limits -- which you are nowhere near...not even starting to approach -- there are also significant differences when it comes to adopting through foster care, which you have already said you are planning to do.

One of those differences is that more parents are ALWAYS needed to do foster-to-adopt care. Especially ones who are willing to adopt, if the child becomes available for adoption AND are willing to parent until a child is able to return home. That kind of loving care is hard to find. There is never a "need" for more adoptive parents in private, infant adoption. The "wanting" parents in those scenarios ALWAYS outnumber the available children. So, even though the *actual* age limits may be similar, in foster-to-adopt, there's no worry about "competing" with 20-somethings and early-30-somethings to be "chosen" by a mother or agency for a less-supply-than-demand infant.

The other difference is in the fact that adoption from foster care often involves older children, so 'older' parents (and by NO means do I mean to say that 38 is "older", it's just "older than, say, 25") can be and often are a BETTER match than youngers -- especially newlyweds. And, just for the record, 'older' children (when it comes to foster care) can very sadly be described as "older than 4". That sad-but-true fact simply breaks my heart.

Best of luck to you! Please put your mind at ease...you (we) are at a GREAT age -- for many/most things, not just parenting! As a matter of adoption fact, though, there are a some agencies in the U.S., and MANY countries doing international adoptions to the U.S., who will not even *consider* an adoptive couple until one or both spouses/partners is AT LEAST 35. So, by their standards, we're just 'fledglings' ourselves. :-) (I don't know if you're in the U.S., but I am, so that's why I mentioned those things.)


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