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 Should adoptees receive govt. assistance for counseling?

 Any countries that adopt children to under 30 and not married for 3 years? ?
Husband and I married last year. He's 28, I'm 27. We are ready to start a family but are finding in the adoption process we can't adopt because of these two factors.
USA= over 30<...

 How many bmoms are still with the bdads?
I heard some encouraging stories in response to my other question about bdads sticking around; and of course, one answer begets another question so . . .

Did you end up marrying?


 What ONE thing about the foster care system would you reform first?
Only one! I know there needs to be like million, but if there was only $$ for one thing.....what should it be?
Additional Details
To Diane:
I am not sure if your comment was direct ...

 Can anyone give me some info on abortion and adoption?
I am pregnant and very young and i am just kinda looking at my options. i want some info on these things so i can either rule them out or take them into consideration. Please help.

 Does this song represent how YOU feel sometimes?

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 Adoption of Foster child?
I know a child who is in foster care with another family. Her mother and father have recently lost rights to this little girl. Can I apply to adopt this specific child?

I am not related ...

 Who to Choose for Pennsylvania Home Study?
I am hoping that someone could help me in figuring out who to use for our Home Study in Pennsylvania. I have no idea where to start. Do I need to use an agency or does the State have ...

 Is it a bad idea or a good idea to find my real birth parents?
I'm deaf myself and I'm adopted child. I love my current parent who have raised me since the day they adopted me, even if we've been through a lot of tough times in my life, we don'...

 Where is the biggest need for adoptions?
Is there a bigger need for domestic or international adoption? And while your at it, can anyone tell me what countries have the most orphaned children right now?


 Parents that have relinquished, parents that have adopted and adoptees: How do you feel about the movie Juno?
Do you feel like all aspects of it were handled appropriately and if so/if not, why?...

 Why Do Some Feel Entitled to Speak for More than One Point on the Adoption 'Triangle'?
When they qualify to answer for only one (or none in the case of those who answer with "my friend's hairdresser's cousin is adopted . . . . "

Just sayin'

 Wat to do to impress them?
ok so today these people from foster care are coming to check are house out? What should I do to impress them?...

 How can a person still go trough with adoption once they are aware of the pain adoption can cause?
This is something I have wondered for a while.

I am talking about international and infant adoption and adoptions where it isn't really necessary... so not including foster-adopt or ...

 Why do you think the "Top Ten" in the adoption section hasn't been updated in eons?
What gives?...

 Are there any first parents here who would adopt a child?
Whether domestic/infant, foster-adopt or international?...

 Becoming a legal guardian and later adopting?
My mother is looking into adopting a friend's baby. We are curious as to the steps of becoming the child's legal guardian. We are from Kentucky. The birth mother lives across town. After my ...

 How can I find out if parents giving up their child for adoption have done this before?? ?
A family member is in the process of adopting a child. The biological parents appear to be playing games. Our fear is that they are working the system to get as much money out of us as possible ...

 Questions on Adoption?????
This is Summer's older sister here, i just need to ask some questions about Adoption.

How much is it to adopt for an australian?

How long do you have to wait till you ...

 Can a single male adopt a child in India?

What country is easiest/cheapest to adopt from internationally?

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You people are pretentious idiots. You honestly make me wonder if it's possible to raise people's IQ points above negative numerals, because if it's not, you people are hopelessly lost. Get over yourselves and stop reading too much into my question.

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China is easiest and cheapest to adopt from. They have laws restricitng births. Most people can only have one baby, and even then they have to have a license for it. It costs a lot of money to raise a baby in China, so most people give their babies up for adoption. Girls are especially unwanted in China. Since they can only have one, parents want a boy to carry on their name and take care of them when they're elderly.

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Laurel J
Haven't you heard? They fire baby girls out of T-shirt cannons in China.

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Have you thought ahead - AT ALL?

What are you going to tell this child that you call your son or daughter about how they came into your "forever family?" You were the easiest son we could find? You were the cheapest daughter we could find?

You really shouldn't be adopting.

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cla ro

i understand what you are asking.

alot of countries have strict rules on who can adopt. some countries don't allow international adopts, some countries only allow certain countries to adopt.

adopt internationally is not cheap. in the uk you can expect to pay between 5 and 15 k. that's alot of money.

to be honest i onlyknow the rules for the countries we have looked at.

your best bet it to talk to a social worker or your local health trust.

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Most people don't give up their babies in China. That is a myth that someone pulled out of their butt.

International adoption is not for the faint of heart and is definitely not for someone who is looking for the "easy" route.

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I suppose going to a country and stealing a child would be cheapest...maybe not easiest though.......

Just a note, the fastest lines are usually such because they might cut corners. You do not want to be part of child trafficking. If you must do international (why not try foster care adoption!), do your research and choose the most ETHICAL country

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Nurse Autumn Intactivist NFP
Would you also like easy and cheap parenting with that kool-aid?

Sorry hun, it doesn't exist...

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tish_part deux
the CHEAPEST way to get a baby from another country is:

getting pregnant while on holiday. no adoption lawyers and "pesky birthmothers" to suck up all of your money.

reads insulting and ridiculous, heh? so does your question.

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There is no such thing.

Unless you want to take the risk that your child was unethically taken to an orphanage for the sole purpose of gaining "profit" for an agency.

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Jennifer L
There is no such thing as an easy or cheap international adoption.

ETA: Well, considering that I HAVE adopted internationally, I'd venture to propose that I do have some marginal idea of what I'm talking about.

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International adoption is never easy or cheap. Expect to complete at least a year of paperwork, pass stringent requirements, and pay $20,000-$60,000+... regardless of the country you choose.

That's just how international adoption is. It's expensive and complicated, and no place you could adopt from would be easy or cheap.

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I am going to answer your question, since others have chosen to take offense to it instead of seeing it for what it was really intended. I think you are asking if there is a certain country with the lowest adoption fees or the easiest process. I guess "easy" is kind of subjective, since it can be different things to different people. There are countries who have very high adoption fees, such as Russia, and also they require a minimum of two trips to the country to complete your adoption. There are countries with lower fees, usually a bit below $20,000, and those countries would be China, Taiwan, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Liberia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and the Philippines. The process is different for each country, and most of the time there is travel involved. If you google "adoption from China" or any other country, you should be able to find out the process and requirements for that country, including cost.

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