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Seperate rooms for boys/girls?
I have a biological son. We have discussed possibly adopting a girl someday. Our house is only a 2 bedroom. Is there some type of rule that says a male and female can not share sleeping quarters?

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You want to build a psychological fence around the different sexes when they are young so that there is mutual respect, especially in aggressive boys toward girls.

Separate rooms help children understand that the sexes should not be lumped together as if boys and girls are all the same.

"Hands off!" should be the lesson boys learn when it comes to girls once they are old enough to act on their curiosity.

If there is room in your house to create another bedroom or add on, go ahead, but it's inappropriate for boys and girls to share a bedroom indefinitely.

Also, your son isn't going to be keen on the idea of baby sister always in his stuff and crying at night and "bugging" him all the time.

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They must have different rooms.
It is a law no matter if they are yours or adopted.

Best of luck

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its okay.... as long as they are little but girls start to understand what privacy is when they hit age 4 so it might not be the best idea once your little girl gets older

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if you own your own home its ok. but at certain age if you are having boy and girl you need to give them their rooms. i am thnking its about 7 to 10 that theys hould have own room. if you are renting its like 3 or so. they will not rent two bedroom when the kids are certain ages. take care.

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I think if they are both young, but I'd say that when the boy(oldest) is probably about 7, he should be getting his own room.

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Rainia W
It really depends on the social worker for that one, and in some places like where I live, a foster child must have their own bedroom, so I am assuming that goes for an adoptive child as well.

My own personal opinion is when gender identity is being formed (between 2-4) is around the time where kids of the opposite sex have to stop sharing bedrooms. Obviously they can still share at grandmas house or the hotel or whatever, but I think normally between the ages 2-4 years old thats when they should have bedrooms with only same-sex siblings.

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Coopy's Mom
I'd say after 11 or 12, its a no go. As youngsters kids dont really have privacy issues or care to be honest. But as they enter puberty they are going to want privacy and their own space. Also adoption agencies will prefer a family that give the child its own bedroom, especially if its of the opposite sex.

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The state will require separate bedrooms.

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Brother and sisters are allowed to share a room together until the age of six.After that age the law requires the children to be in seperate rooms.I live in nj and have had dyfs at my house and if i didnt get a bigger apt or give up my room to one of my children they were going to take them away from me for neglect.Stupid huh..

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yes there are laws that describe at what age they need to have separate rooms. it all depends on what state you live in. call you children family services and ask them to mail you a policy/procedure regarding bedroom set ups....

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It's the ruling to separate boy and girl. Anything can happen if they are in a room. In my religion Islam, in the family, son and daughter, once they are adult, they must be separated. Boys and girls in separate room.

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The girl by the name of Nigel ♥
nope but you should have something to seperate the room/for them to change behind

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♥Brii Almii♥
it all depends on the age!!
dont have them on there if they
are close in age and older.
but if they are like 5 and a young one
like 2 then it would be fine.

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Yes. A social worker would never allow you to co-habitate two children of the opposite sex especially since you've already had the boy. It's also kind of morrally wrong and an invasion of both of their privacy. What would you do when they got to the age of like 11?

You could transform your dining room or something into a bedroom...

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Piolo Angelo P
As a responsible parent, you should have two separate bedrooms for a girl and a boy.

Eventhough they are your own sons & daughters, they should have separate rooms for privacy.

Boys and girls has two distinct personalities.

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They shouldn't unless they are little. But especially if you are considering adoption you may want to think about expanding room #'s. it's important for each child to have their own bed and own dresser. If the room is big enough , try loking into rood dividers. again, a lot will depend on their ages

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Lips Of An Angel
If they were to come in your home to inspect then they would tell you that each child needs thier own room, I have a gf with 3 girls and 1 boy and she told me that the baby could share a room with him but that when she was old enough to sleep in her own bed they would have to seperate them.

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If you want to adopt a girl, you need to be looking for a larger house. I'm not sure if there are laws about adopting, but I do know that when I was pregnant we had to move and we were looking at an apartment and the landlord told us that because it was HUD housing if we were having a boy then we needed to get a 3 bedroom apartment because they will only allow the opposite sex in the same room if one is under 6 months. Besides, as the kids get older they develop modesty and will want their own space.

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