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I've gotten some great, useful, answers, thanks~

My new question is regarding the suggestion by a few to include my baby's conception and birth story.

It's really ...

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"I agree that further litigation is in no one’s best interest and although I would like to resolve this ...

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 Which adoption agencies are known for being the most unethical?
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 How can i find my birth mom?
i was adopted when i was 2 days old and im going to be 21 in a few weeks. i couldnt ask for a better family i have had the greatest life. i know my birth mom was 19 when she had me, the father ran ...

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 Im want to go to an adoption Home.....so Which number should i called for it?
WELL its a long story but im 13 i know i can't stay with a father who abusive and will beat me if i correct him or if my brother (6,10) says something negative about me (silbing rivarly)

In an adoption, how long after the birth does the birthmother have to change her mind (Washington State)?
In Washington state, after the baby is born, how long does the birth mother have to change her mind?

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Angela B
48 hours hours after signing the consents or whenever the court approves the consents.

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The answer is up to 1 full year after the baby is born. They will almost always win as well within that time. They cant' just change their mind either, but have to take you to court.

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From what I read you can sign papers before the birth, but they won't be filed until 48 hours after the birth. Or you can sign 48 hours after the birth. After that it would be very difficult to change your mind unless there was proof of duress. I would not recommend signing relinquishment papers until after the birth. Also you do not have to sign within 48 hours. If you aren't sure take your time. The baby can go home from the hospital with you, or the adoptive parents until you are ready to sign.

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Sexxxy Blonde
hey i live in WA so this caught my attention.

7. Can the birth mother change her mind before signing the legal consents to the adoption?
Yes, she can change her mind up until the approval of the consents by the court. Thereafter she must prove fraud, duress or lack of mental competency.
RCW 26.33.160

Go to this website. it has tons of FAQ


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Camira B
Per Washington Statutes § 26.33.160
Consent is revocable until court approves it. Thereafter, consent is irrevocable, except that for 1 year, consent may be revoked for fraud, duress, or lack of mental competency.

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Randy B
I believe they can change their minds at any time up until the adoption is finalized.

Once that occurs though, as quoted from the link below:

RCW 26.33.360
Petition by natural parent to set aside adoption — Costs — Time limit.

(1) If a natural parent unsuccessfully petitions to have an adoption set aside, the court shall award costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, to the adoptive parent.

(2) If a natural parent successfully petitions to have an adoption set aside, the natural parent shall be liable to the adoptive parent for both the actual expenditures and the value of services rendered by the adoptive parents in caring for the child.

(3) A natural parent who has executed a written consent to adoption shall not bring an action to set aside an adoption more than one year after the date the court approved the written consent.

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