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 Why Aren't Searchers Arrested Then?
People are saying that first mothers have a guaranteed absolute right to annonymity. If that were so, how come a searcher can search and find relatives and/or go to the Court and petition to have ...

 If your parents died when you were a child, would you be eager to be adopted and taken to China?
...taken to China with your new, adoptive family....

 Disadvantage in adopting a child?
We have a debate next week about adoption and we were in the negative side.Can someone give me something negative about adoption?...

 What would you do?
I have a 9 month old named Aria and i placed her into open adoption and i'm very happy with it i get to see her often and she has a really great family. Her natural father has never seen her ...

 Mixed babies?
do you think it is harder or easier for a mix child to be adopted.. or do you think it really dont matter.. btw i am not pg.. just courious
Additional Details
sarah.. you judge me a ...

 What kind of person makes a bad _______ parent?

1. parenting biological
2. adoptive
3. foster

And are there any BIG differences between the three?...

 Help about friend....?
my friends like 14? she got raped so now shes pregnant and she wants to keep it but i dont think thats the right decision because she has her whole life ahead of her still.........so how do i bring ...

 Sending pictures to first family?
I honestly don't know what to do here. My son was abused by his first parents under his grandmother's roof and was removed from their home at 2 months, he is now 2.

The ...

 What would you do? (First moms and adult adoptees) ?
Since my last time here on Y!A, I've gone from PAP to AP. We brought home our son at 5 weeks. We weren't matched before he was born, and did not know about him until a week before placement....

 Teen pregnancy/mother boarding home?
One of the posts the other day really struck a chord with me. I was up til 7am just lying in bed trying to come up with ideas of how I could help. Here's what I'm thinking.

There ...

 Should I contact the adoptive parents of my grandson?
My son found out that he had a son who was put up for adoption and is now 2yrs old. We have been in contact with the adoption agency and the AP's and have even met them and the little boy. T...

 Do you think this too...?
"Adoption from foster care is the ONLY reason why adoption needs to exist."

I read this from an answer to a recent question. I do not believe that foster care is the only reason ...

 Adoption agency shut down!!!!?
just wondering ap/pap's perspective. "a child's waiting" got busted and is now closed.
Additional Details

 New adoption book out, about a twin study?
This is the link to the video. I'm very confused. Wouldn't this be illegal to sperate twins ...

 A little advice please .?
my husband and i have a daughter who is 16 months old. and were interested in becoming foster parents since our area needs them . and then hopefully trying to adopt. but the thing is the more i talk ...

 Is it wrong to think this?
is it wrong to think that i would rather have lived with my real family and have a harder life then live with my adoptive family and have a good life? i think about it all the time and idk if its &...

 Would anyone be interested in having homes built for pregnant moms?
for the ones who want to keep their child and offer them the emotional, financial, and physical support they need to get on their feet?

any ideas? are there some i don't know about?<...

 Nature vs Nurture...as an adoptee what are your views on the subject?
I act so much like my adoptive family that I believe that "nurture" plays a big part in who you grow up to be. On the other hand, "nature" is how you are born to be and plays a ...

 What is with the pot stirring - I thought we had moved past this?
I see another question has been asked, aimed at the "anti adoption people" bla bla bla, attacking and accusing us of more bad behavior and dirty deeds.

I thought we had moved ...

 Do u sit around andthink about your losses all day long?
not meaning any direspect but do you who have loss ever like have any fun
Additional Details
giddy-seems like it. some people seem paralised to get over there past....

Im looking to be adopted?
im looking to be adopted by either a single person or a couple...and to me it doesn't matter if you are gay/lez/ or even bi....im juss lookn for someone to be able to call my momma and daddy....plzzzzz dont ask about the real parents....i would raither not talk about it

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Bridget S
i read ur profile and ur 17, ppl dont adopt 17 yr olds. im sry but in a yr u will be a adult urself and adults can not be addopted.best of luck though.

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wot age are you?

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kids shouldn't be on computer, how old are you ?

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how old are you?

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Would your bio parents sign off on you. would you move to our state? Would you be ok in a large family? My husband and I would be interested in hearing more.

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Well you can call your grandparents mama and papa thats wut i do and im 19. But i Guess you can try to be adopted but you are 17 and there are few people who will take in a 17 year old. Sorry..

Best Of Luck!
I hope you find someone!

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I think there are underlying issues which you need to address in order to move on, if you are 17 you are nearly an adult , but that doesn't mean that you don't want someone to love you. Maybe there is share accommodation where you can live with people your own age. You will always have your mum and dad there is no doubt there, weather you love them right now is up to you. Also there could be some older people out there willing to take you in maybe have a look at getting involved in some church activities.

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hm. this is tough. are you really 17? if thats true, i would find an older couple (like oldold) because that way, when they pass, they know that their child would be able to take care of themselves. i wouldn't look for a younger couple because they are probably looking for a baby. I'm sorry. I was adopted too. I've never met my real parents. i don't even know if they're alive. if you ever need someone to talk to, i'm here.

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don't give up hope when i am older i want to adopt a teen. im sure there is someone out there is looking for a teen to become part of there family. best of luck i hope you find the perfect family. sorry you had such a ruff beginning but i can assure you that you can still become what you want to be and that someone out there loves you.

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if you really need to be adopted, then please go to your local DHS. this isnt something you do online. it's much too unsafe.

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Don't listen to people who say adults cannot be adopted, I have a friends whos ex in laws adopted her at 50, so she could inherit their estate instead of their own biological kids who never helped them with anything. Why don't you go to the social services department where you live and ask what hey can do for you?

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Adopted Jane
When in doubt read their profile and their Q&A

About me: well....im looking for someone to adopt me....i have no parents...living wit the grandparents...im a 17 female....i LOVE to listen to music....do it pretty much alllllllllllll the time....anything you wanna kno bout me juss ask....lol

And whilst there check out their Q and A's cause the above isnt true either

Seriously NOT worth it !

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Don't worry about your age. People can still be legally adopted even after the age of 18. But the government won't see you parent as having to be legally responsible of you.

Remember, whether it happens or not, you can make your own family as an adult, through friends and their families.

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