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 How old do you have to be to give your baby up for adoption?
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 Why do some adoptees want to make adoptive parents look live villians and bio. parents look like victims?
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 Have any one of you who are adopted...?
... searched for, and found your birth parent(s), and NOT happy you did it ?
Additional Details
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 If the child you adopted was abandoned, would you tell them?
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I also ...

 Keeping the father out?
Okay, if you were younger (in the 16-20 age range) and got pregnant but were financially unstable and decided to give the baby up for adoption could you without the baby's father's ...

 Is adoption natural...........?
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 My adopted son's maternal grandmother is threatening the adoption. Is there anything she can do?
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My ...

 Why do more PAPs request girls over boys?
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If you are under 18 when you get pregant does your parents have any say so in giving the baby up for adoption?
if you are under 18 when you get pregnat and you want to keep the baby but your parents dont want you to do they have any say so in the decision

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It depends what country you are in. In most western countries if you are under 13 your parents can have rights over such matters, but it is very rare that a judge would rule in their favour.

The answer is basically no. No one has rights to do anything with your child, unless your rights are taken from you based on your ability to care and make decisions for that child. ie- drug use, abuse and so on. Even then the child would likely go to next of kin or foster care, certainly not adoption, unless a very large amount of time had passed.

If you are pregnant and under age and wish to keep the baby there is no stopping you. You should think very carefully about your decision though. You may need your parents support, or some other adult. It is a very big job and usually takes an entire family to raise a child.

Good luck!

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If someone (because I'm not rudely assuming this person is you), is officially 18, they're an adult, and it's they're decision. They are their own person. It's their baby.

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Your parents have absolutely no say. It's YOUR baby, not theirs and you are it's legal guardian. Your parents can give their opinion. That's it. You and the baby's father would have to sign your rights over for adoption, not your parents.

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They have no say whatsoever. its your baby.

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It depends on what country you live in but in the US no, they have no say. It is up to you and your child's father to decide what to do. If you want to give the baby up, 95% of the time they require the father of the baby's signature and consent. Good luck!

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no . your legal . so you get to deside . i was 18 and had my daughter at 19 . your the adult . now they can kick you out . but thats about it

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They can't legally make you give up the child but they can make your life hell. I would hope as the grandparents that they would help you and welcome their grandchild. If they don't, shame on them, that is just wrong.

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No, they really don't no matter your age. You are the biological mother of the child, therefore only you and the biological father have a say in whether or not you give up the child for adoption.
Do not be pressured into doing something you don't want to do. Educate yourself so you can make the responsible decision. Contact adoption agencies, other mothers who have given up their children for adoption, etc...

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naughty girl
I was 17 when I gave my twins up for adoption. I'm 24 now. I wanted to keep my babies but my mom said if I was going to keep them I couldn't come home. I didn't want to raise my babies in a shelter, and I had no where else to go. So I gave them up. Now, I don't regret my decision, but I do wonder from time to time what it would of been like to have them with me.

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Legally, no, no matter how old they are. Unless of course, they are proven mentally unsound, physically incapable(for example, if the person's health don't allow them to have kids and it comes down to a mother or baby situation, guardians or spouse may be granted the authority to decide who to prioritise) or are practicing any sort of substance abuse.

But (despite what some others have said before me), I do know that in many countries, parents are allowed to relinquish their parental responsibilities if their child has committed an act of 'great grievance', is 'unrepentant' and the court favours their decision.

In this case, a child who is under the age of 16/1718 (depending on where he or she is) will be sent to a Girls' Home. Girls' homes are typically associated with juvenile criminals, but it also homes many pregnant teenagers who will, eventually, be strongly urged to give up their babies for adoption if they have no means of supporting themselves and their children.

That's about all I know, though.

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*7 Inch Heels*
No, legally they cant tell you what to do since its your baby and it came from you even though you are a minor and still live under their roof. If you dont want to give up your baby you dont have to!

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No. But once you're 18 you are no longer considered a minor and they can legally kick you out of the house and not support you (financially--and/or any other way).

Depending on where you live I think that they might not be obligated by law to pay any expenses related to your future kid though. And if you can't provide for the kid yourself they might be able to get it taken away from you if social services sees you as an 'unfit parent'. So in an indirect way they could probably have the baby removed from you.

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No, your baby and your parental rights. They can't kick you out until you are 18 either becuase of there parental responsibilities.

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Your baby, your body, your choice and yes get advice but don't go to an adoption agency as they will likely try to persuade you to surrender.

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It's your body and your baby. If you choose to keep it (and not put it up for adoption) then you have to accept that your parents might kick you out. Will you be able to find a place on your own, afford to care for yourself and the child, keep a job, etc? If so...stand your ground!!! Keep YOUR baby.

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Lukas' Mommy 3/27/09
nope. your baby, your decision... they might try to tell you that they do but they dont at all

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C Wood
I think you should talk to Planned Parenthood. I suspect they would know the legalities of this question.

You have a problem. While the baby is yours, and the decision may be yours, the responsibility is also yours, and not your parents.
You are a minor child. You have no right to saddle your parents with the responsibilities of paying bills for your baby. What have you done to make sure you can support your baby? What have you done to make sure you can afford to provide your baby with proper medical care, clothing and food. Getting pregnant and assuming your parents should pay for all the expenses incurred by a child YOU have is highly irresponsible and immature.

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