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 International Adoption...odd circumstances?
We met the brother of a friend of ours recently. Our ason was with us. The brother started talking about his own adopted child and how he had brought her home from China. He says, he went to a local I...

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 Child Protective Services instead of Parent Protective Services?
One of my friends who is trying to adopt out of foster care said this to me. While listening to her I asked, why did you compare child to parent? She went on to say that the laws of adoption are ...

 I'm throwing a shower for a friend who is adopting a 6-year-old boy. What shower games should we play?

Additional Details
Just to clarify, this is a shower for my friend who is preparing to adopt--not for the child. The idea is to shower her with gifts to help her care for a 6 year old--...

 Adoptees were you surprised by the "general public opinion" on adoption?
And the backlash you would receive if you don't agree with the "general publics" mentality on y!a?

I'm taking my own advice:)

Thanks in advance for your ...

 I would like to know how madonna can decide to adopt another child ?
How is it possible for madonna to adopt another child without the agreement and support of her husband. if this were a normal family they wouldnt have a chance. is it money that is the deciding ...

 Looking to adopt?
My husband and I are willing to adopt since we can't have anymore children....

 Do you know the statistic's of childern being abused or neglected after their adopted?

 Why are designer babies good??? specific answer plz?
tell me why, and explain!!

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 Can a man adopt a child which is not theirs?

- The real father wants nothing to do with the child
- The mother of the child and the man who cares for the child and want to adopt the child are not together.
- The ...

 Adoptees/ first parents what rude or strange comments have you heard or been asked?
I know as an adoptive parent, and from forums with other a-parents we get a lot of inappropriate or strange comments from friends, family or even strangers aout adopting our children. There was a ...

 Why do they charge so much for adoption?
why do we have all these unfortunate children in the world that we have to pay 30 thousand dollars to adopt i would love to give a child a better life but i really cant afford to adopt,why do they ...

 Adopting from family member, open adoption?
We are adopting an infant from our aunt and we feel it is best for the mental health of everyone to be honest of the situation and discuss it with the child. For adopted children: How do you feel ...

 A 62 yrs old hindu bachelor wants to adopt or legal guardian of a 22 yrs muslim girl. What is the procedure?
He has been taking care of her from past 9 yrs, as she is from a very poor family. It was like as if he had adopted her. She is also treating him as father. Her biological mother is still alive and ...

 Adoption question...?
I'm a much older sibling of several adopted elementary-age school children. If my parents voluntarily give up rights to one of these adopted children, will I have any advantage over any other ...

 Should international adoption be supported?

Additional Details
why or why not..!!??...

 Please help me...questions about adoptions?
Im less then 2 months shy of being 19, and almost 6 months pregnant.
As soon as i found out, i knew abortion was not the answer, and that i would bring this child into the world. As i'm ...

 How does the process of adoption work?

 When adopting a newborn through domestic adoption can you specify the gender or race?
Just wondering. Thanks.
Additional Details
wondering how it compares to international adoption because some foreign countries let you choose the gender....

I want to adopt a baby, but cant afford adoption agency?
where should I start?

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Lukas' Mommy 3/27/09
if you adopt a baby that is in another country the adoption costs are considerably less than trying to adopt an american baby.. plus the adoptions homes there are way more overcrowded and you could give the family gift to a child that would never even know what america was...

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Contact Brangelina when their adopted spawn become less camera-worthy.

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Jewels j
have u considered a Serragate mother ?

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Well.......since people on here claim girls are throwing babies in the dumpster all the time, why don't you start there.

Go dumpster diving. When people walk by just tell them your looking for discarded newborns.

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another YA!
can you afford to have a baby than? its a long process

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Well first you could kidnap one, that is free.

OR, if you are an ethical law abiding citizen, you would engage in foster care adoption after doing serious RESEARCH on adoption and the effects on the child.

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Heather B
Start with the 140,000 kids in the US care system waiting for homes

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Foster care. It is much less expensive, and the children in foster care are in greater need of a home. Call your local DCFS and they can tell you how to get started.

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C Wood
If you can't afford an adoption agency, you probably can't afford to raise a child. If you feel you can, but can't afford the adoption fees, then you should consider simply being a foster parent.

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the only really low cost adoptions are fost-adopt through the foster care system. You start by contacting your county and asking about their fost adopt program. Most often the children are not babies, and there are also sibling groups.

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red elephants
international is just as expensive as domestic infant adoption.

have you considered foster to adopt or adopting from foster care?

The adoption costs are usually under $2000 and usually considerably less than that.

Your wait for an infant might take a while since often foster parents are given the opportunity to adopt first. If you are considering an older child foster care is definitely the way to go. There are hundreds of thousands of kids waiting for families. You would need to contact your county children services to begin the process. Usually a series of classes are required, a home study, physical, etc.

Oops. Yep what Randy said. I was typing as he posted.

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Randy B
Actually, contrary to what the above poster had to say, international adoptions are much more expensive then domestic adoptions.

On the home front though, adoptions through social services are free in most areas. Most have "foster to adopt" programs or straight adoption programs and both of these programs involve children who are cleared for adoptions. There are children in foster care, cleared for adoption, of all ages available and waiting for adoption in your own area. For the most part the children are older however babies may also be available. If you qualify to adopt then this is by far your best option and where the need is greatest.

Where to start? Contact social services in your area and start asking questions. They will let you know about the programs available to you and what the process is.

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foster care

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