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 Adoptive parents of sibling groups, how did you deal?
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 For Adoptive Parents & Adoptees through Foster Care...?
How did the experience of adopting through foster care go for you?
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Do you have any advice for a young, stable couple looking to adopt through foster care?...

 What options are available for a young couple looking to adopt?
Hi everyone.

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 What are government adoption records?
Heres a quick backstory:
I look absolutely nothing like anyone in my family (siblings, parents, cousins, granparents etc.) I want to see if I was adopted and I'm searching adoption records ...

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 Adopting an Asian child?
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 How do i find a transcript of an old Donahue show concerning adoption?
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 How much does adoption cost?
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 Do you know the laws in GA/SC on adoption?
My son and I live in Ga but all of our previous court heariing with his father were in SC because we did live there. I heard that if his father does not pay child support or attempt contact for one ...

 Is it legal to ask on a form a parent fills out if a child was adopted or not?

Additional Details
and if so, which country they were adopted from....

 Are these two correlated?
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 Why is Barack Obama black?

 How to do private adoption?
Is there any other way to adopt without going through an agency? A friend of mine found her daughter by just contacting an adoption lawyer and she didn't have to go through all the red tape of ...

 Questions about foster care?
I'm writing a novel and need some help with some questions related to foster care.

1. If a teenage foster child does not wish to be reunited with their parents, are they allowed to ...

 I was told there is a type of adoption where you get paid until the child is 21. What is this type?
They said in order to get paid from the government every month until the child is an adult, you have to attend special classes/courses every so often in order to stay up to certain standards. Does ...

 I have no child yet, I would like to adopt a female or male child ?
I would like to adopt a female or male child below 1 years from Brahmin family....

How should we announce our plans to adopt?
My husband and I have decided to adopt and we want to tell all of our friends and family in a creative fun way.
We will be sending out a newsletter in December so this is probably where and when it will happen. I just need a creative way to write it, or a picture that hints at what is going on. We are a funny young couple and we want this announcement to reflect our personality.
Please give us all the ideas you got!

Additional Details
I should have been more clear, we are already working with an agency and in the process. So I don't think this is preemptive.
Please just give suggestions on how to make such an announcement not whether you think I should or not.

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Well...since its something that you feel needs to be announced despite the grieving the child/mother will go through don't forget to explain to everyone why You have to adopt. Make sure its in detail to get lots of pity.

How about?

I've got PICOS or had an STD and Im infertile now so....

Put some honest emotions behind it:

I want to feel complete and like I have a real family so...

Funny Huh?

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Looney Tunes
Try this..it is factual and funny:

Although there are over 150,000 foster children in the US who REALLY NEED homes, we have decided to adopt a "blank-slate baby" for the New Year!

Happy New Year!

(and heck, you can add the race before "blank" for a greater effect ~ ex. "white, blank-slate baby")

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Have you adopted before? I know personally, we announced that we were going to foster, but have kept the adoption part to a few close relatives and friends. I guess we just don't want to get our families all excited and then not have it pan out or it takes forever.

Maybe this is something that could wait for the big announcement until it happens or is about to?

If you do want to do something, I hear that stork grams are neat to send out messages like that. Just send out a little card with your newsletter announcing your intentions.

Good luck and I hope you find the right way to say it!

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People do say dumb things when you tell them you are adopting ("don't you want your own babies?"). Also the wait can be long and things can change so sometimes it is best not to spread the news too widely - to protect your own feelings if something falls through.

However if you want to spread the news you could say something about you "hope to grow your family without growing your belly." Then explain that you are trying to adopt.

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I think it's a bit early for this, if you've only just decided to adopt. The process can take a long time-- it could be a year or more-- and it's going to get old if all your friends are bugging you about whether it's happened yet, every time they see you. Why not wait till you have some of the work behind you first?

I understand that you're excited and want to share, but you need to think ahead about this a little. How are you going to feel six months from now, when you're still in the middle of the process, and you're getting "How much longer?" from all sides. I think that would only increase the pressure you feel, and make the waiting more difficult.

I'm not suggesting keeping it a secret from everyone-- the people you're closest to ought to know-- but I think it's way too early for a general announcement.

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um... we've had the kid for almost 8 months and it gets really tiring always being asked when we're going to finalize. Our next announcement of our next child (hopefully shortly after we finalize) is going to be a personal introduction that goes sort-of like: This is our new son ______.

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Hmm Looney Tunes, I don't see where she said she was adopting from. So why don't you stop making assumptions :)

As for an announcement, I would just write about what exactly your planning to do, where you're adopting from, how the process has been so far, etc, etc. I would save the fun announcements for when you've actually adopted (they make really cute adoption announcements with pictures and what not)

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As exciting as that is for the both of you, I would recommend making a creative announcement as soon as you are matched with a child. I know from experience that if you're preemptive with your announcements, and everything doesn't work out like precise clockwork, well intended people can be very invasive and devastatingly hurtful...

Congrats though! very beautiful!

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BPD Wife
In your newsletter, write something to the effect of:

We're looking forward to expanding our home by two feet within the coming year!

And then put two footprints at the end. (or if you are adopting a sibling group, the number would change to the number of kids x 2 "feet" each).

Good luck!

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Good idea to add it in your newsletter. You could say something like this:

"And now for some exciting news! Hubby and I are planning to adopt a child. The process can be very long and there may be many challenges for both us and our child. So, please bear with us as our family go through this. Feel free to ask questions, but please realize that we may not be able to or want to answer all of them. Keep us in your prayers."

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