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 Essay on Adoption... help organizing?
im writing a paper on the effects that adopting have on children, besides the main one the effects, what are other areas i should cover in my 5 to 7 page paper?

 How far should it go?
When it comes to disclosure of information about both the adoptive family and the natural parents private details?

Including full names and addresses given to all involved at the time of ...

 In California what is the age to adopt someone?

I was wondering in California how old does someone have to be to make an adoption? I thought 18 but I was told 21 by someone??

I want to adopt a cousin of mine who is 15...

I'm 14 and I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant. My mom and I are looking into adoption because obviously i can't keep the baby.
I want to know as much as I can about it.
When i have ...

 Ok when i get older i want to adopt a child how?
ok i love kids i want to adopt and have some of my own
how pease help
thank u

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Does anyone know ...

 I want to find my birth parents. Can someone help?
i was adopted and want to find my birth parents. I am 13 and have talked it through with my adopted parents and they said that they would help me find them but i don't know were to start I ...

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I am currently pregnant with my first child... but I have always wanted to be a surrogate mother. I wanted to wait until I had my own, so that there would be no emotional attachment holding me back ...

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Which would you recommend?...

 Wasn't it good that Wendy's got into the adoption business?
By putting flyers on trays and supporting adopting through foster care?...

 Do you think adoption agencies should be REQUIRED to mention foster care as an option of PAP?
Do you think it would increase adoption through foster care?

Or would nothing happen because it's really about "the baby" and "not the true needy?"

 Question for adoptees?
If you were old enough to remember being adopted and your adoptive family then had biological children, how did you feel? Do you feel you were treated differently by your parents or other family? I...

 Fostering vs. adoption?
What are the benefits/ disadvantages of fostering to adopt versus regular adoption?
Additional Details
Thank you all for your answers. However, I do know the basic differences, as you ...

 Foster care requirements in Kansas?
Okay, so I have a friend who's parents want to kick him out of his house. My mom is willing to adopt him, but according to his parents we can't because our family is friends with his. I ...

 International adoptive parents: Where was your child prior to you adopting them?
Looking for simle answers: My son was in foster care in Guatemala.
Additional Details
Clarification: "simPle" ...

 I'm 24, married and have 2 kids of my own, i want to adopt, help?
Both of my pregnancies were TERRIBLE i don't think i could go through one again (not to say it wasn't worth it it was just soo hard!).. so i'm considering adopting. And, why bring more ...

 A question for those who may have given up for adoption...?
I recently got in contact with my biological family. It'd odd because I always wanted to find them but now when they write to me with all this emotion and asking forgiveness and whatnot, I ...

 Adoption or Abortion, did you ever consider this?
Those who are pro-life preach that adoption is the way too go, that the baby did nothing wrong, that life begins at conception, that it shouldn't be punished for your "mistake". But ...

 Is it possible for Australian's to adopt from the US State system?
Is it possible for Australian's to adopt from the US State system?
I plan to adopt in the future. We don't have a direct adopt-from-foster care in Australia, and I don't want to &...

 Why are a lot of people on here so anti adoption?
I have read a lot of these posts and it seems like there are just some mean spirited people that are totally against adoption. If someone posts a question about it they totally twist the question ...

professional gold digger
How old do you have to be to adopt a child?
my sister wants to adopt a child when she gets older rather than to have one herself. so what age does someone have to be to adopt

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due 2/25 with a gil!
in most cases you have to be 21

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18 years old

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thats a nice thing for her to do
i think you just have to be financially stable and be atleast 18

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It depends where she wants to adopt from. If she wants to adopt from state care, in some areas the age is 18, and in other areas 21.

If she chooses agency adoption, that will vary by agency, but all the agencies I've heard of require prospective adoptive parents be at least 21, and a fairly large number require they be at least 25. Those rules will depend on the specific agency.

The rules for international adoption vary by country. For example, Russia does not enforce minimums or maximums very strictly, but you must be at least 16 years older than the child you will be adopting. China is very strict about prospective parents being between 30 and 49, and that won't be compromised. Different countries have different rules, so you'd have to do some research.

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Jackie B
I'm in Virginia and you have to be 21. You can probably look it up on your city or state's official website to find out.

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mom of many
its usually 21, some countries require older ages. And of course, many thousands of dollars.

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~Mastiff Mommy~
I don't know if it's so much a case of age- I think it has more to do with stability- They want to make sure no matter what age you are that you can care for the child and give it everything it needs

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Ewiger Frieden
"In Ohio the minimum age to be an adoptive parent is 18. There is no upper limit. In fact, for some of the children, mature parents might make a good match."

18 if you have no criminal record

*The age when one is eligible to adopt a child is determined by the state law in which the potential adopter lives.
However, there are a multitude of factors involved in adoption the least of which is the age requirement.

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