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tHa PregO Nurse is 21 weeks!!
How much money do u get for an adoption?
like if you give your baby up...how much money do u get

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Elizabeth O
This question makes me really sad... There are woman that cant have children that would give the world to have a child. Then there are the girls (regardless of your age... you are a girl!) like you... You expect to profit from being a no good sorry *** waste of a uterus...i would understand if you were doing it so the child could have a better life.... but instead youre trying to run a baby making business. Someones need to sell you! (they wouldnt get much though.) I don't know how much youre planning on getting for "selling your baby" .but if i were looking to adopt i would pay a million dollars to get the child away from you! ..... i hope you do the child a favor and give the baby up for adoption... Not even a dog deserves to have a mother like you.

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It is totally illegal to give a pregnant woman money for her child. You can't even give her gas money for the car for her to get to prenatal visits, although, you can purchase the gas for her, and pay for her living expenses while she's pregnant, and for the short recovery time afterwards (like 8 weeks).

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It depends on how good your bargaining skills are and whether or not they use a credit card.

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None, as that would encourage people to give their kids up.

I think in China, though, the fees include an amount that goes to the parents of the child.

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For the guy who said that people in China get paid, you have NO idea what you are talking about.
It is illegal to put your child up for adoption. All children are abandoned and do not know who their bio parents are. So no they do not get paid.

now for the question...if it is done legally then you do not receive a cash payment for your child.

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A's Momma
Like everyone else said, you will get none, but your living and medical expenses MAY be paid for. you've got talk to lawyers and get an official agreement. You shouldn't be putting your baby up for adoption simply to get money. You do it because you love your child enough to know that you cannot care for the baby properly and want to give that child a better chance at life.

I'm adopted and I'm so grateful to my birth parents for being mature enough to do that. I sure hope you're not planning on scamming people to get their money. :( How cold-hearted can some people be?

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You can get help paying for medical, food, cloths, houseing and that sort of things, but you can't "sell" your baby! My husband and I have been looking to adopt, check out our page-

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Be happy someone will take it!!!!!!!!!!!

YOu will get your freedom back, no dirty diapers, shrieking kid, no crying on the bathroom floor at 2am... ahhhhhh.....not have to spend the next 18 years of your life and $250,000 to raise it. If you are 19, you get your life back at middle age.....37.

You don't have to be a single mom in which no guy will date you. (or if he does, it's just a booty call...ask any of them... in fact read them all on here.)

And you are under no obligation to tell any many you meet that you adopted out an unplanned pregnancy.

Few guys marry single moms.... and for sure none of real quality. They don't have to. There are plenty of single women who have opted out of the baby bit to seek as partners. Their companies are filled with them.

Three is and has always been a crowd. Babies are baggage in the dating world.... wonderful if you are in a solid, loving marriage. Obvious you aren't..

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Selling babies is illegal. When we adopted our 2 children- we paid for living expenses until the baby was born- medical bills and counseling bills- nothing else to the birth mom. So if you are asking if you get a lot of money for placing your child, the answer is NO-

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Loving mother
You cannot get paid a single dollar. If you do and someone finds out you will get some long time in prison as this is totally illegal in all states. Adoptive parents can pay for some expenses during the pregnancy depending on the state like medical bills, attorney fees and counseling. You my dear will get nothing in exchange for giving your child up for adoption except a lifetime of regrets.

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You don't get paid for you child. However you can get money for some of your pregnancy related expenses such as medical care, maternity clothes and sometimes help with rent. It depends on which state you are in. There are laws to protect babies from being sold. Your adoption agency or lawyer should be able to advise you about what expenses are legal in your state. The idea is to reduce the financial burden for the natural mother, not to make you rich. Also you should know that even if you do accept some money while pregnant, you are not obligated to place your child for adoption. You can only sign the adoption papers after the baby is born.

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Nichola H
nothing its not about making money its about the love and care for the baby

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Heather B
Making money from trading babies is illegal. Oops, unless of course you are an adoption agency, adoption facilitator or an adoption lawyer - then it's just fine

Isn't hipocrisy grand

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You don't get squat.

Although the agency/lawyer/facilitator will stand to get about 30-50 grand.

Looks like you should have gotten a social work degree instead of pregnant, eh?

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Princess :
nothing girl. who would do that to their own child...... its ur flesh and blood , so

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Rover Fan
You wouldn't get anything. People do not pay you to get pregnant and leave your baby for someone else to take care of. There are plenty of unadopted children in the world. I saw on tv the other day a documentary about children who lived in a orphanage until they were 18. Why are people so irresponsible?

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Dear Nurse,

A First Parent gets no money for placing a child for adoption.

What a First Parent gets is a chance to perhaps provide something they could not for their child and a lifetime of loss for themselves.

(Sometimes both, sometimes one of these and sometimes neither. Every situation is different.)

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Depending on the state laws, could possibly be paid for housing, medical care, food and clothing during her pregnancy. t is heavily monitored, because it is borderline buying a baby.

You are not allowed to "pay for" or "accept money for" a child. It is a felony.

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It's illegal to sale your child. Now, in many cases, the adoptive parents pay for all the medical care of the biological mother. But there is no exchange in money for a baby.

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