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The Mouse
How long do I have to appeal adoption of my child?
to make a long story a little bit shorter
she was taken from me by cps, for environmental concerns,
I wanted to appeal her being adopted but didn't because
she was being adopted by my mother in law
and I kept hearing over and over again that once
she was adopted that I would be able to see her anyways,
and that i had no chance of winning so there was no reason to appeal.
I even signed a statement saying because my mother in law is going
to let me see her after the adoption that I didn't want to appeal the case.
That is the ONLY reason i didnt appeal it, its been at least 2 and a half weeks since she was adopted and my mother in law will not let
me see her.
What can I do ?
if anything?
I really miss my daughter and want/need to be in her life
I am in the state of pennsylvania if it helps.

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Advice giver
Well what no one seemed to have thought maybe its best.

What reasons did they take your child away for?

there are reasons and this is normally because of something in or around the home or parent. to take a baby away from a mother before birth really or at birth is compelling.

maybe its best she doesnt see her for now.

the court will go for best interest of the child. And if it looks like ur just out for ur kid and don't care about proper care you will hurt further chances later in the eyes of the court not law. be careful

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Everyone is right, you need an attorney. Are you sure she is adopted and that your mother in law doesnt just have guardianship? Thats totally different. Your daughter cant be adopted until your parental rights are terminated which is at minimum 18 months.

If she were an infant and you had signed adoption papers (cps not involved) many states have a 30 day revocation period. Not sure about Penn though but this is not your situation anyway

Definately get a lawyer or public defender.

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Get a lawyer right now but let me inform you that this is going to be a long court Battle and you have a chance of losing if cps took your child. try talking with this woman and I bet that she will come to her sences and let you see your child.
I'm not trying to talk you out of fighting for your child but it's been 3 years of lawyers and court fee's and heartach to watch my son fight for his son stole through adoption with out his consent. I guess i can't call it adoption because my grandson can't be adopted. So you see it's a long ordeal you would have better chance with the mother-in law. Good luck

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In IL it is 30 days.You need a lawyer working for your rights ASAP

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Get thee to an attorney RIGHT NOW. The longer you wait the less concerned it seems you are, or will to a court. Only an attorney can help you at this point in time.

Good luck.

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the state of pennsylvania has more adoption agencies than any other state in the United States.

You need to contact joe soll at http://www.adoptioncrossroads.org
because he has a list of adoption lawyers that are first parent friendly.

SOME may SAY they're working for YOU, when infact, they're working for the Aparents, or the Agency. Penn doesn't have very friendly first parent rights.

i also want you to contact Origins IMMEDIATELY. http://www.origins-usa.org

open adoptions are NOT legally enforceable you've got to revoke in your time period thats legally given to you.

If its past your time period of revoke you're going to have to prove that you were lied to or manipulated or coerced into signing the papers. Document EVERYTHING, save EVERYTHING.

good luck!

Get in touch with http://amyadoptee.blogspot.com she has TONS of first parents fighting for their children on her blog that she can put you in touch with to help you get support from people going through exactly what you are.

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Angie H
where are you at in pennsylvania? you can appeal this but your going to need a really good lawyer..YOU did have a chance of winning, you just need a lawyer to do so..You need to prove that its in the best interest of the child to be with you..DO whatever you have to, if you really want your baby you will! Please email me if you can..

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