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 To those on the "list"?
I have a question/suggestion those here who are on the list. Have you considered creating a website for yourselves that provides this information. A website that gently teaches adoptive parents, ...

 Put up for adoption help find?
my husband was put up for adoption in 1957 his dad left when he was born and his mother left him in a store because she could not by an mike for him this happened in Middletown Ohio around 1957 to 195...

 Is there really a difference between anti-adoption and pro-reform?
I haven't been around in awhile, but taking a look around today, I've seen a lot of downing on the anti-adoption bias on these boards.

I know that I personally think the system ...

 What do you think of this quote: "A person cannot live two lives"... As it pertains to adoption?
In general I don't like to use fiction to as a basis for any view points, however, I thought it was interesting.

One of my favourite shows is Criminal Minds and to make a long story ...

 My Husband and I are wanting to adopt, any help or suggestions?

 Is it only me? or have others wondered about...?
the steady stream of questions in the Adoption Section of YA for help in writing a .... thesis, essay, report, speech, etc. on Adoption? Are High Schools and Colleges now offering classes on 'A...

 Adopted Child looking for her Birth Mother?
I was adopted at birth and my natural mother was 16 yrs old, which is all I know about her. I was born at 11:56pm at Orando Regional Medical Center (Orange Memorial back then), I am a 44 yr old ...

 What country should i adopt from.....
Here are some points to take into consideration,

- I would like a white skinned child (I'm not racist, i have nothing against black or asian people, i just think the child would fit ...

 Do you disagree with this statement, too...?
http://infantadoptioncoa Details
"Most women are sincere in their desire to place their baby for adoption and they truly ...

 How come women's distress is so ignored that they have to resort to pleas for help on the internet?
How have we allowed women to find themselves in this position, where they had to give up a child, and then know nothing, not one jot of detail of what became of it?

There are thousands of ...

 Why do all American cartoons seem to have episodes dealing with adoption?
I have noticed adoption-related stories in the following: The Simpsons, Futurama, American Dad, King of the Hill, etc. Am I missing any?...

 Adoption info?
I have 2 boys..i can try for a 3rd, but i am 42 and I really want a girl. My boys are 5 and 6 years old. I would like to adopt a girl from newborn to age 3...anyone know how to get started? I want ...

 Question about spousal adoption...?
My daughter's birth certificate does not list a father. I was wondering, should I get married in the future, would I have to have her father's consent before my spouse could adopt her? He ...

 The first couple of days with a new foster/adoption?
My wife and I are in the process of getting certified for adoption from our DCFS. What we would like to know is how did people go about the first couple of days with a new foster/adopted child. We...

 If there was less of a demand from people wanting to adopt a child...?
Do you think that more mothers would be encouraged to parent their children?
Additional Details
Its important to separate foster care adoption, from private / domestic and international. ...

 Gave my daughter up for adoption with my cousin when she was 6mths now they don't work and one is on drugs...?
she just turned 3yrs old and someone is about to call dhs on her being in the house and my cousin is not taking care of her.I was forced to give her up to my cousin and her husband becuase my life ...

 Do children in orphanages go to public school?
I need to know for a graphic novel I'm working on... I know they would if they were in foster care, but I'm not sure if I want the character in foster care or at an orphanage... She'...

 When did the birth letter "standard" start?
It seems like a standard now. I don't like it at all--pretty much most of them as they sound like bad hallmark commercials.
Additional Details
Sorry--meant birth mother ...

 Cost of adoption with someone you know?
I have a friend who is pregnant and she is desperately looking for somebody to adopt her baby. I would love to adopt it from her but I dont know how much it costs or how to go about it. I know ...

 How much does it cost to adopt through Foster Care?

Additional Details
FYI, I'm not adopting, I was just wondering because I've heard different things....

Sarah S
How long after you have a baby can you decide to give it up for adoption? What if its born with defects?
What I mean is, if you are pregnant and are planning on keeping your child, but once its born you come to realize that it has birth defects (mentally retarded, down syndrome, ect) can you THEN decide that you want to put it up for adoption? I guess my question is what is the legal time frame after you have a baby that you can give it up for adoption? (I am not asking if its morally right or not, just wanna know when you can decide to give a baby up for adoption)

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i think you can at any time especially if they have special needs you could just say that you cant take proper care of them. you just have to go and like sign your rights away but they would probably investigate if you had other children. but i do think that would be messed up

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up until 18 years of age, but why would you, no matter what that is your kid and that will never change.

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18 yrs

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Anytime after birth you can choose to place. Some kids in foster care are there because their parents couldn't care for their special needs themselves.

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You can give a child up for adoption at any point up to 18 years of age. Some parents do that because they dont have the money to care for the childs needs and in foster care the child gets medicaid which the parents may not have qualified for.

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blooming chamomile
Any time. Up until the child turns 18.

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You can decide to give a child up for adoption at any time in a child's life. There is no limit in the age the child can be. However, an infant is easily placed in a family that is looking to adopt -- there are far more people looking to adopt infants than there are infants available for adoption. This is not true with older children. The older the child gets, the more difficult it is for them to be placed with a family that is interested in adoption. Older children often get placed in foster homes and sometimes end up lliving in the foster care system for a long time or even until they are adults. This can be difficult for the child because they may end up being moved from one foster home to another and they have no say in the matter. It is a very unstable way for a child to grow up. That said, there is o question that healthy babies are easily adopted and they don't have to be newborns, although newborns are the most in demand and the easiest to find homes for. The system doesn't work along the lines of you can decide at any point in the child's life that you want to give the child up for adoption and then just do it. There are procedures involved (legally and emotionally) and the child would most likely be placed in a foster home while these were being worked out. A child is not free to be adopted until you and the child's father have given up your rights to the child. That has to happen before the child can be adopted.
As far as children with disabilities being adoptable, it varies. You are free to sign over your rights to any child at any time but, that is not something to be taken lightly. Depending on the severity of the child's disabilities, it could take a long time for the child to be adopted or it could be almost as fast a process as for healthy babies. It varies a lot with each individual situation.

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I am pretty sure you can place a child into social services at any time while they are under age so you definitely could after a child is born, no matter what their status is as far as health. It is not unheard of for mothers to make that decision after birth. Many parents aren't financially or emotionally equipped to handle a child with special needs and so they make that choice and not all birth defects are known before birth.

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