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 How come women's distress is so ignored that they have to resort to pleas for help on the internet?
How have we allowed women to find themselves in this position, where they had to give up a child, and then know nothing, not one jot of detail of what became of it?

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 The first couple of days with a new foster/adoption?
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 If there was less of a demand from people wanting to adopt a child...?
Do you think that more mothers would be encouraged to parent their children?
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Its important to separate foster care adoption, from private / domestic and international. ...

 Gave my daughter up for adoption with my cousin when she was 6mths now they don't work and one is on drugs...?
she just turned 3yrs old and someone is about to call dhs on her being in the house and my cousin is not taking care of her.I was forced to give her up to my cousin and her husband becuase my life ...

 Do children in orphanages go to public school?
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 When did the birth letter "standard" start?
It seems like a standard now. I don't like it at all--pretty much most of them as they sound like bad hallmark commercials.
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Sorry--meant birth mother ...

 Cost of adoption with someone you know?
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 How much does it cost to adopt through Foster Care?

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FYI, I'm not adopting, I was just wondering because I've heard different things....

 How does my husband adopt my child?
its not his child but he has been there and her father figure since she was one years old. the birth father does not see her. i don't want any advice stating not to do this. i just want to know ...

 Foster Care?
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 Do I have a right to find out who my mother's birth parents are?
My mother was adopted. She does not want to find out who her birth parents are. Both of her adoptive parents have passed on.
I would like to find out more about our heritage. Am I allowed to ...

 Why can't people see that adoption from foster care is not for everyone. ?
I am a foster to adopt parent and I am happy with my decision and we came to it after much research and soul searching. I also realize that not everyone can do this.
One most people adopt ...

 What is the difference between signing over custody and adoption, if any?

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The children I'm asking about are my nephews. what would be the difference in me adopting them as opposed to my sister signing custody over to me?...

 (For everyone involved in adoption,) Are any of you planning........?
to write a book about your experiences with adoption? Or even co-author with your natural mother on the effects adoption has had on you?

From what I see here that are lots of people with ...

 You get to change one thing in International Adoptions. What is it and why?
Thank you for your time....

How can i adopt baby without paying all that money out for adoption?
I'm currently 19 about to b 20 and i been trying to have a baby every since i was 16 and i have nothin yet , so im thinking of adoption but man it is so expensive. so what should i do? I'm trying as hard as i can not to think that i cant have a baby. It hurts me so bad just to think about it but i need some answer to my problem and HOPEFULLY some one has an answer to this! So if you do have the answer plz let me know as soon as posible!thx

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結縁 Heemei
Well, you have to be that one lucky person who happen to know the birth mom, who happen to have her own health insurance and also who's willing to pay for her left over the medical bills and adoption lawyer fee. So there, hope you're that lucky...

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I know how you feel. My husband and I are both young and have been TTC for 9 months. We have both been to the doctor and supposedly nothing is wrong. He was able to conceive a child before but his ex-gf aborted it. Although we both have stable jobs we don't have 25,000 dollars to just drop down. I try not to think about it but it is hard especially when you see all these pregnant women or women with small babies. Unfortunately the age to adopt is about 21-25 or even 30 just about anywhere. You can't even foster through the state (at least in mine) before 21. I think the only state you can adopt before 21 is Alabama but don't quote me. I know it's hard and a lot of people on here will tell you to get a animal or that your too young, maybe you are but it's your decision not theirs.

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Well, first of all in the United States you are generally required to be 25 years of age to adopt.

You can adopt through the US Foster Care system, where the cost is little to nothing. But no, to adopt internationally or adopt an infant through private adoption is going to cost a tremendous amount of money.

You can get a tax credit after the adoption is finalized to help recover some of the expenses. In some cases you can get adoption grants or special interest loans, etc. but for the most part, you have to pay the fees in order to adopt.

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you can become a foster parent and do foster to adopt cost is nothing or almost nothing

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Have you had regular check-ups? You should discuss your concerns with your Dr.
16 is a very early age to try to have a baby. I hope you are in a committed relationship with only one partner. If not please talk to your Dr. about being checked for STD's. Some if not most STD's can lead to sterility.

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The dept of children and families will usually help but why at 16 would you start having a child? are u finished with school? do you have a partner thats going to help you? do u own a house? do u have a job? sounds like you need a hobby

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Terri B
To be honest, wait a few more years to have a child. Try getting a dog or cat first. It sounds like you are more wanting someone to love you rather than a baby. 16 is WAY to young and 20 isn't much better.

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Peace Yo
I don't think you can adopt until you are at least 25 years of age in most states, maybe all of them. Not sure. My state is 25 minimum.

Once you are of legal age to adopt you can become a foster parent open to adoption. The state pays fees involved.

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