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Okay Sly...........Did you read The Girls That Went Away?...

Sarah W
Having my Biological dad get his rights back after adoption?
My dad let my Step dad adopt me a few years ago. However, my stepdad and me don't get along, he is very emotionally abusive. My mother has hit me on two seperate occasions, and I am desperate to leave the house. My dad has offered to let me stay with him, but my parents would have to agree. And there are still a lot of risks of my parents taking me back anytime they want.
Can You please inform me of the details of my Biological father obtaining his rights as my father, details such as time it will take?

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Amber fg
Your biological father can file for an allocation of parental rights and responsibilities through the court. He would have to prove that he is still your psychological parent. Even then, your "real parents" that's right the ones whose name is on your birth certificate would have to consent to it. I bet they wont, and your bio dad would have to convince a judge with "clear and convincing evidence" that you are in danger if you remain with your parents. It's not likely!

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Your dad signed over his rights as a father when he let your step dad adopt you. If you think things are bad enough go to your local social services/family services office (or call them) and tell them the situation. They will send a case worker by and may take you from the home. Your dad would then have to re-establish his rights as your legal guardian again.

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Proud Mama
Honestly the best way to get your real dad to get his rights back is to call the police on yourmom 4 hitting you...and your step-dad being abusive, you could call CYFD ( wellfare) diff names every where...they can come and talk to you with out your parents knowlage at school or whatever...make statements, tell her the situation...then your dad can go to court and present the case if CYFD hasn't already removed you from your current home...

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If he willing signed away his right to you there is not much he can do. Unless your parents were willing to give up their rights and then your natural dad would have to legally adopt you. If you are being abused in any way please report this to an adult that you trust.

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Daisey Duck
If he signed papers giving up his parental rights he has no rights. I would have to wonder on your age. Are your parents really abusive or do they just not allow you to have your own way all the time and you think if you go live with your bio father that you will have it made. If your parents don't agree with it then there is really not much he can do as he has no rights to you, he gave them up when he signed the papers and allowed your step dad to adopt you. He can try talking to an attorney but I seriously don't think he has a case.

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sounds like he lost his rights at some time and he agreed to the adoption you will have to talk w/ a lawyer to figure this out

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Very unlikely...., Your bio dad would in fact have to "adopt" you.. but your mom and step dad would have to sign off on it.. Like I said.. very unlikely.

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C Wood
If your step dad is emotionally abusive to you, you need to talk to a school counselor or school psychologist about it. You also need to tell about your mom hitting you and what you did that triggered her doing so. We can't advise you.

We also can't give you good advise because we don't know why your dad gave up his rights. That's important information you left out. So, go to a school advisor or psychologist. They have the training to deal with this.

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