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Do you have to take a drug test ?
Do you have to take a drug test to become a foster parent in california just wondering

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Stephanie P
im sure u do! most of the foster kids were pulled out of drug homes so they better. why does it matter are u dirty? u shouldn't adopt if u are doing drugs wtf unless its weed

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In most cases not. And for everyone out here that is jumping all over you....stop. Do any of you drink? Well, to me that's a drug too! I smoke pot, and I have 3 kids. My kids do not suffer b/c of this....AT ALL. I do not think my kids are getting a bad start in life b/c I smoke pot. I think alcohol is WAY worse than pot!!! If you drink too much you are more likely to do something stupid than to smoke too much. Really ppl. Ever heard of someone OD'ing on pot? Or hospitalized over it? MMMM...I doubt it.

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No, But you need a back round check. Criminal check, Places were you have lived for the last 10 years.

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friends R gifts we give ourself
so if someone asks about a back ground check they are a criminal? a no. when we brought my daughter from hawaii to pen we had to undergo a psychological exam, a drug test, and a few misc. things like that. only because my sister had just died so the psych exam was for that, and we volunteered for the drug test i wanted his side of the family to feel at ease. but no one ever asked us to give one, so nope i guess not. i do hope you aren't asking because you want to get high and not get caught, but i know enough to know not to judge or assume anything because we have no clue what is going on in other people's lives.

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Firstly i am not sure. You don't if you are adopting.

Secondly i don't why every one assumes the worst immediately. I agree with another user you may concerned about some one else.

Are you ?

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I have no idea, but if you need to ask this question, and you are considering becoming a foster parent, I certainly hope so.

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The fact that you are asking this question tells me that you absolutely should NOT become a foster parent. These kids need homes that are better than the ones they came out of!!

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r s
out of 3 agencies I had homestudies with (one public, 1 contacted out, and the Christian one) only the Chrisitian one required the drug test....

another funny fact is I never had to get one done to be a public school teacher, but had to for the other 2 city jobs I had.... My father had to to sell insurance

makes you wonder just how messed up the social service system is...

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♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ Tattoo ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥
what erin said,
if you are taking something that the doctor asked
then show a certificate, how ever if its serious like pot, speed, ecstacy
you may go to prison

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Wow - I suppose in the back of my mind I always assumed you did. After all, biological parents have to have clean drug tests to get kids reunited with them.

That being said, however, I am not recalling anywhere that it actually specified that. The things I've read on home studies didn't indicate a drug test. I also don't see any specific requirement for one (at least not in Texas).

Still, I really REALLY hope that anyone who is taking charge of another person's child is giving that child the best upbringing possible. Raising them in an atmosphere where illegal drugs are done by the caretakers is not giving them the best start in life.

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mr. domestic
I wouldn't jump the gun on the person asking the question. They could be asking this because they suspect another parent of using drugs........

ANY ways, I am a foster parent in SC and never had any tests done.

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anastasia beaverhausen-the real1
what erin said.

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I don't know but I sure hope so. Especially since you feel the need to ask this question.

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Yes, you also have to attend classes and get training and education.

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