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 Independent Adoption In Georgia?
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Why does an adoptee's curiosity or desire/need to find his or her roots seem like such a threat to your relationship (with them)? Why is it perceived as being disloyal to you, the a.parents?

 Adoption, i have almost no clue how to adopt a kid but my friends that were adopted said that the government..?
my friends who were adopted said the government gives their parents money every month to help take care of the children

I really want to adopt, preferably a child from another country

 Any one know sites where you can adopt and help a child in need?
not like latterly adopt the child but like
something like Soldiers Angles like how you adopt a soldier and you write to them and send them stuff........ but its all free...
Is there a site ...

 I heard that some man in Florida adopted 268 kids, is that true?
If it is please attach a link to an article or tell me that I am not going insane making random facts.
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What do you think of that? I mean isn't it a tad odd. I ...

 What is a good Adoption firm to use for a infant Adoption in the usa?
Me and my wife are trying to adopt and the firm we where with went lost there funding so we have to star over and we want a infant we live in Maryland please help....

 How many of you would be comfortable bringing up the?
idea of adoption to a friend who is pregnant and in a bad way? Does anyone feel that they have the right as a best friend to tell a woman her child is better off being raised by someone else?

 International Adoption Question?
I heard some places may not allow international adoptions any more.
Is that true

Also how hard would it be for a person wanting to adopt a baby from Croatia or Romania?


 Top answerers in adoption?
Um, have you noticed some of them only have like two best answers, what's up with that?
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Okay, that makes much more sense. Thanks!...

 What I have been noticing is that people support keeping a child with the bio-parents even when Family Courts?
....have TPRed.

Do you think TPR happens that quickly or that easily or that the Courts take this decision lightly? Think about this, 50-60% of foster children are reunited with their ...

 Are there any books written by White children who were raised in a Black family?
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 Can you adopt a child if you're single and unmarried?

 Adoptees, what would you have changed, if anything, in how you were told that you were adopted?
How were you told and how old were you? Do you think it could've been handled better? If so, how?...

 AP's, how did you first bring up adoption to your child?
For those who want to share their story, how did you bring it up the first time and how old was your child when you did?

Did any of you have books or a movie that 'introduced' ...

 What's the difference between fostering and adopting?

 What would you do in this situation?
A friend of ours, a single woman, is in the process of adopting a gorgeous little man from CAS. He is only 9 months old and was relinquished voluntarily at birth by his parents. Both of the parents ...

Lenore Nevermore
Can you give full custody instead of giving for adoption?
If you want to give a family member full custody of a child is that different from adoption? How does that differ?

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Permanent Custody means that the one responsible for the child has custody of the child and will remain legal guardian until the child is adopted, if they ever are. They still may be required by law to allow the birth parents to have supervised visits, and their name cannot legally be changed.

In adoption the biological parents either sign over their rights or have them terminated. In that case a new birth certificate is created, a new social security number is assigned, and the previous documents are destroyed. The biological parents have no rights and cannot see their children unless given permission by the adoptive parents.

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Yes, it is different.

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You could give guardianship to a family member, stay involved as well and maybe take back your parenting rights later on. You should lay all the parameters out with your family member first before moving forward.

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Giving a family member legal guardianship is different than giving them for adoption because surrendering your child for adoption means that you are legally no longer that child's parent. Giving someone legal guardianship means that person would be able to make legal decisions on your child's behalf.

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There are several legal levels you can arrange. You can give someone limited or full power of attorney to act on the child's behalf and protect his/her best interests.

That arrangement does not require a court appearance in my state.

The following do require court dates and hearings, and usually require background checks on the proposed guardian.

You can give temporary guardianship, which also allows the adult to act on behalf of the child. This is a more formal and comprehensive arrangement for a specified period of time, usually 30 - 60 days.

Permanent guardianship is the same as relinquishing parental rights, once you sign the papers your child is not yours and the new parents do not have any obligation to return the child to you. They are in fact the parents and have full rights to travel, move without notice, claim as tax exemption, authorize surgeries and so forth. With this arrangement, all parents and interested parties have a right to challenge the proposed arrangement. When you have signed the papers, there is no going back, and if the second parent does not sign they have full legal rights to the child ahead of the proposed guardian.

Then of course there is full adoption. This also requires relinquishment of parental rights of both parents.

In some cases, child protective will get involved.

Best Advice is to consult a lawyer in your county to discuss the best alternative for your situation.

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mom of many
you can give full custody or you can give guardianship. In order for them to have full rights as a parent then it needs to go thru court. But by you volunteering to do this, then you can get them back when you want. Adoption is permanent and the bio parent no longer has any rights. Custody or guardianship isn't always permanent. But it makes it a good thing so the bio parent can stay involved with the child but not raise them.

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