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結縁 Heemei
Can you adopt your younger sister and brothers?
My friend is 27 years old, her mom just past away, she doesn't want her teen brother and 8 years old sister to go into the foster care, is she able to adopt them. Their dad left them and never came back when they're were young.

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I don't know if you can adopt your siblings, but you certianly can apply for custody.

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the court looks for the closest ralitive to adopt childeren like this. just go to court house can ask child support , juevie or human service. any questions mea26mann@yahoo.com

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Absolutely, most of the time if the adopting sibling is old enough and meets the requirements they can. You friend should meet the age requirements but I am nunsure of the financial requirements. That might be the only thing preventing her from getting custody of her younger siblings. She definately needs lo let her wishes be known and do not drag her feet.

Did her mother have a will stating who would care for her children in the event of her death? If you have children it is imperative that you have a will just in case.

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She has to have a house or apartment and a stable job. She may need to go to court in order to adopt her brother and sister.

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As long as she is financially able to and willing to then yes.. Tell her to contact a lawyer ASAP before they go to the state

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Yes! Before the children would go to the state, any and every available family member would be contacted for adoption!!

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She can be appointed the childrens legal guardian through the courts. She has to be above the age of 18 and gainfully employeed.

The children under 18 have a court appointed lawyer/representative that should be able to give her advise..

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Yes, she can adopt them because she needs to be 18 years or older and either way the kids are her siblings. She definitly has custody over them unless she has some problems that Social Services might not find safe for the kids to grow up in.

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Jessica Rabbit
I am not sure about adoption but I would think if she is suitable she would have no problems. They ususally like to keep siblings together and its always best if children can be kept in the family.

I think your friend is a very brave and special person to put herself forward for this and I hope it works out for her.

Sorry I cannot be of more help. Ask your frinds to look it up on the internet for mote accurate answers

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I dont think that she is able to adopt them but she is able to gain guardianship of them. Since she is able to support them, she will have no problem because the court will see it as if, they are better off with her. And it really is best for them to stay with family.

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I think so, if ur parents are dead or in jail, or abusing them.

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She would have first opportunity to care for them. She needs to contact the state and a lawyer immediately.

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Yes, she can adopt them. She needs to contact both Social Services and a lawyer as it may be better if she is just assigned as guardian. That way, she will get the income from Social Security for the younger siblings. Social Services may actually be able to get her a lawyer specific for this purpose at low cost (or at least recommend someone).

This is not unusual. Kinship is usually considered first because children do better with relatives. Even age isn't always a factor. We had a case locally where a father murdered his wife and his 18 year old daughter became guardian for her 6 younger brothers and sisters. She gets a lot of help (both financially and emotional support) because her Mom worked for the police dept.

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