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Can someone with a criminal background adopt a child?

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With $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ all is POSSIBLE.

Just believe!

Good luck!

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morgana banana
i don't think so.

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no they wont let you. just as if you are a convicted felon you can not vote either.

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Nope even if the charges were dropped most the time. At least that is what every adoption agency said to us and hubby actually did nothing wrong. The charges were dropped and since it shows up but as dismissed they still wont allow us to have a child. Stuck ttc forever!

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hope not

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sassygirl21 s
No you cant not adopt a child with a criminal record! You have to have a clean record! They really look down on that kind of things they are only looking for what's best for the child that is one of the main reasons they will not allow a criminal to adopt a child!

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Bella L

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I wouldnt think so

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The answer to that is almost always no.

If it was something very minor and a lot of time has passed, you can talk to a lawyer about having your record expunged, so legally it's like the conviction never happened.

In general, though, any kind of criminal record does prevent you from adopting, for the sake of the children's safety.

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No they dont want the child to be around anything like that because most children come from those situations when they are put in adoption.

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Penny A (Vanessa)
I sincerely hope not.

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I would hope not.

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Randy B
I'm afraid not. Any blemishes on the criminal records check will probably be enough to get you excluded from the process.

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to all the people who answered this question with an opinion that someone who has any kind of criminal background should not be allow to adopt.. well I think that's quite judge mental. If someone made a mistake when they were young and did their time, or community service ot whatever punishment,. then why shouldn't they be allowed the same chance to mother or father a child. If someone cannot be a productive Citizen after a felony then why not take all who commit crimes regardless of the circumstances and shoot them all. I don't know the reason for such a harsh judging on them, wasn't that the ACTUAL judges job?

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mom of many
it all depends on the crime, how long ago it happened and what you have done with your life since it happened. Some crimes would make it totally impossible while others are ok. and some that are border lined and can be worked with with counseling or other ways to work around. Some felonies are ok and others are not. (felons can vote when their probation or parole is completed for the offence.

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"criminal background" is pretty vague; it would depend on the nature of the crime

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mony sue
Depends on the offense and when it was. In the foster care system most minor stuff like simple assault is a 7 year max. If you stay out of trouble they won't hold it against you.At least that is the way it is in Wa.

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I tried to adopt my niece and they wouldn't give her to me cause I had a felony and It was a drug felony if yours not that bad yes it its possible for you to adopt. My mother in law has two of her grandchildren granted to her by the state and she also had a drug felony but it was the same case I had It was her boyfriend that got her caught up in that mess, not saying that is why she was able to adopt them but she had to go to DHR and sign a lot of papers and she got people that knew her to write and tell them how much she had changed and that she will be the perfect parent for them and she won them and it didn't take long so please try it its worth it you will be surprised what the results is my nieces are 22 and 17 she had them since they were 7 and 12

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It depends on the crime.

Misdemeanor drunk in public ten years ago....probable.

Felony drunk driving a year ago...probably not.

Vehicular manslaughter....no way.

It just depends. Call someone in your state and ask.


A small run in with the law will not totally discredit someone's chances of being able to adopt. It just depends on the crime, when it happened, what the disposition was and what has happened in the time between the commitment of the crime and now.......so check it out.

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where is everybody?
it depends on what it is. if it's for having speeding tickets, then that would be different than jail time for more sever things. i would think in general no they would not allow it

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anastasia beaverhausen-the real1

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