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 My wife and I want to adopt a young (3-6) year old boy from a South or Central American country and need path.?
My wife and I want to adopt a 3-6 year old boy from a south or central american country and need a path as to get started. We had friends (who we have lost contact with) that did the whole process ...

 I need some advice, I have been searching for family online...?
My stepdaughter, whom my husband had no seen in 10 years & my brother’s daughter that we had not seen in 9 years, both who moved away & we did not know where.
Anyway, I found all ...

 I need some legal advise on adopting my nephew?
ok my brother knocked up his girlfriend well x girlfriend. She toke off and left him and never told anybody where she was. so we actually had to track her down and take her to cort. just so we could ...

 How can i find a adoption agency in curacao n.a?
because me and my husband would want to adopt a child ,but in curacao ....

 Pre-relinquishment matching.... (how is this ANY different than pre-birth matching)?
EVERY person I have heard from who voluntarily relinquished their child in through foster care went through MUCH more pressure and strong arming to get them to relinquish. The SWs have tons of "A...

 How to go about adopting a baby whose mother doesn't want her.?
I know this girl and she doesn't want her baby. She has been leaving her with me for weeks at a time. We talked about adoption and she said that I could have her because she doesn't want ...

 How do you put yourself up for adoption if your only 13?

Additional Details
My parents don't hurt me anything like that. They just are mean. I don't like my family at all except for my sister, but since she moved out I don't ...

 Has anyone used this agency?
www.adoptall.com - Adoption Alliance

If so, or have heard of them, I'd love to get feedback. And if you have used them, and wouln't mind talking with me more, please let me know. ...

 In 'Open' Adoption why is the Birth Record Still Sealed?

 What would you say the effects of technology are on adoption (pros and cons) in the last 10 years?
Adoptive Family magazine published a 3rd party study (think it might have been October?) which is supposed to run another 6 years (I believe--I am going from memory) and it said that 98% of natural ...

 What do you think about?
Octomom and her 14 kids..She is the one with no job and on federal welfare and now the hospital is not planning to release the babies..what do you think is the best solution for these kids that came ...

 Why all the abortion questions today? Spring is in the air?
But seriously, someone actually said this earlier today: if you abort a child conceived through rape, you are as selfish as your rapist

I puked a bit, I really did....

 Foster parents..............?
What kinds of things should I expect in a home study? I will be doing one in the next few months. I've had a couple of friends who did home studies (one for custody and one for unfounded ...

 (Adoption) Adoptees: Did your parents treat natural children better than you?
My best friend was adopted as an infant by her parents, she would always tell me how she felt her younger sister was treated better than her. Her sister would get lavish b-day parties, and showered ...

 Do open adoptions have any legal standing?
do the adoptive parents have to let the birth mother see the child? wouldnt that be going against the terms of the agreement? could that void the adoption?...

 How much does it cost to adopt a baby?
I'm 23 and i have pcos but im having some bad problems with it and im scared when i go to the doctors office that there going to tell me i wont be able to get pregnant. I have been trying for ...

 How many children are put up for adoption in china each year only?

 Does anyone in the US have the option of?
Permanent care instead of adoption? From what I can see the first option people go for is adoption. While obviously I have nothing against adoption (since I'm an adoptive mother myself.) I do ...

 How the Recession has affected the adoption of Animals?
I have a speech to do on how the recession has affected the adoption of animals and the shelters. If anyone has any trustworthy sites or statistics it would be much appreciated. Anything will help. T...

 Does anyone know case law for any cases about open adoption?
I'm wondering what actual laws prevent open adoption from being enforceable, and what challenges have been done to help first moms get visitation with their children in open adoption. Please ...

Can people who have had a history of depression foster children?
If they have had a history of depression and social phobia but have recovered and want to give a loving home to a child? Would this stop them being able to ?

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I hope it does.

No offense, but if you have a history of mental problems like depression and social problems, you shouldn't be a parent, it is too dangerous and risky.

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if they're "all clear" there should be no problem. There are always complications while adopting. Its hard for two "normal" people to adopt. But if their "all clear" there should be no problem that "normal" people wouldn't occur.

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Looney Tunes
In most states, if you can show that your depression/mental illness has been in recovery for 6 months or more, you can foster children.
Social services would probably request documentation from your doctor stating that you are no longer severely depressed and have worked through your social phobia.

Trust me, I stayed in foster homes where the foster parents were ALOT worse off than being depressed or having social anxiety....I stayed in homes where foster parents were abusive, were pedophiles, were angry, etc. They got to foster....

You will be ok.

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Sweet x
Your phobia and depression stays with you on file for a long time and you will have to be vetted before you become foster parents and you have to be assed by a Panel of experts i.e doctor they decide if you are capable of fostering.

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