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 Has anyone out there worked with The Cradle Adoption Agency in Chicago, IL?
My husband and I recently attended and informational meeting held by The Cradle. The agency seems well established and they had a family come in to speak to us about their adoption experience with T...

 Locate Jeremy Brigham.. Age 35?
Originally from Troy, Michigan. U.S. Navy.

Any information would be GREATLY appreciated....

 Does anyone know how i can find my child i gave up for adoption? i don't know where to start.?
I was young and i had to give him up for adoption. It was just me and no one else. My family abandoned me. I've been waiting to look for him, but i had to wait until he was 18 years old. I ...

 Should/can we adopt?
My husband and I are thinking about adoption. We have unexplained infertility and have been ttc for over 2 years. We have gone to fertility specialists, and I can't deal with all the hormone ...

 How do i go about adopting my girlfriends daughter in the uk?
my partners daughter is 5 years old,her fathers name was never put on the birth certificate it was left as unknown for personal reasons,how would i go about adopting her?...

 Do people expect you to adopt because you were adopted?
Have you been on the situation where people presume because you were adopted that you will want to adopt too?
I’ve had so many people say that to me.

Actually most of the time when I...

 I want to change my birth certificate back to pre-adoption status Any one know if that's possible?
I was adopted as a teenager so naturally I knew my biological family, my adopted parents knew that, and accepted that I still talked to them at first, I have been married for 4 yrs and have a 3 yr ...

 Looking For Bio-Logical Mother, Im Adopted?
I was born in morecambe, UK and then when i was 3 moths old moved away from my original mother, i know her name and where i was born, there the only details i currently have. Im 18 and so legally ...

 Why I want to adopt privately?
my husband and I want to adopt. We have 2 children of our own and have been married six years. The reason behind private adoption is my husband comitted a felony about a year ago. He was a police ...

 Adoptive Parents: Do you feel pressure to be a super Mom/Dad?

Additional Details
Prior to adopting a child, basically you had to jump through alot of hoops and pass all kinds of tests... and now that you've adopted a child, do you feel like ...

 First mothers...A question for you?
I have wondered this for years, and would like to know how first mothers feel if this has happened to them.

Years back, when we began our adoption process, the agency had us get an 800 ...

 Is there any difference between guardianship and adoption other than the adoptees loss of rights?
I'm just curious. And are there situations where PAP's could do a temporary or permanent guardianship instead, for the benefit of the child?

I'm in the USA, which probably ...

 For those parents who have adopted, what were the ages of your other children when you adopted?
My children are 6, 4, and 1. My husband and I are thinking about fostering or adopting another child, but we are trying to gather as much information as possible before we go ahead....

 How much dose it cost to adopt and what rules are there?
i am 25 and relly want to have my own child but you need a guy for that and me and finding a lasting love dont mix ..i whould love to adopt but how much dose it cost can i with out a nother parent ...

 My 65 year old parents are in the process of adopting my nephew, should i intervene?
Three years ago, my niece gave birth to her son during a tough time in her life. She is now living elsewhere and her son is in the hands of my parents.
My parents have recently been given money ...

 Need advice with mother I am adopting from?
I have been working with the mother to get medicaid. The mom thinks if she gets medicaid that DHS will try and take her two year old. I don't want to push, but I really would like to see her ...

 I am looking for a good adoption agency to adopt a baby any referals?
My husband and I are challenged in the fertility department and want to adopt a baby, but do not want to just go online and use the first on we find. Any referals or advise?...

 I really need some help with this?
i am a single mom and adopted a little girl. i got her when she was 4 days old and had her ever since. i didn't know anything about her mother due to the fact that it was a closed adoption. her ...

 ???Should I adopt a baby??? 15 years old............?
ok my friend had a baby well she died so i promised her i would do somethin and the kid is attached to me so should I ???
R.I.P. Kristii

 I would like to adopt and don't know where to start. Can you help?
I am 36, live in an apartment, have a good job and am single. I have no other children. I know it is now harder to adopt a chinese baby as a single person. How hard it is in the states? I am not ...

Can birth father attempt custody after child already adopted?
The guy I'm engaged to is wanting to adopt my daughter. Her birth father hasn't been around for the pregnancy at all nor did he sign the birth certificate/paternity test to prove he's the father. My question is, once I go through with my fiance adopting her, and say the birth father finds out.. and takes this to court.. gets a paternity test done to prove he's the father.. does he have any say in what has already happened??? Meaning.. custody or visitation or whatever? Or is it too late for him to do anything.
Additional Details
forgot to mention.. i live in texas.. he lives in ohio.. he has a drug problem, no source of income, emotionally unstable, no permanent living situation.. therefore left him realizing i don't need my daughter around that..

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I'd speak to an attorney about this.

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Yeah, he can get the adoption overturned, and potentially be awarded full custody by a judge. You yourself would be committing fraud.

You can ask him to terminate his parental rights, or ask the court to do so if he's an unfit parent (which sounds possible from what you've said about him)... but he does have to lose his rights one way or the other before your husband can adopt.

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Does the father know about the child? If he does and has not took the steps in having a relationship with the child and if he knows where you are and has not supported the child then that is where i would start. If he has not support the child in 6 months then I would go for abandonment and terminate his rights but please make sure your doing what is best for your child. Does your new boyfriend understand that if he adopts your child it's for life and if you both break up you can't go back and say he's not the father because he will have all the rights any dad has also he does pay child support until the child is 18

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Doesnt matter how bad of a person he is, his parental rights must be terminated before the adoption goes through. If you lie about ANYTHING, the adoption will be invalid, and he could and probably would, get visitation. Plus, it would make you look bad in the long run.
Get a paternity test first, then speak to an attorney.

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Linny G
Mom of Many hit the nail right on the head.
You would be best served to go the legal and honest route, or you could be setting yourself up for a very messy and expensive legal nightmare.

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Regardless of whether or not the birth fatherr is playing an active/inactive role in your child's life....his parental rights will need to be legally terminated before your fiance can adopt your daughter. If you know where he resides, he will be served papers to sign, if not, and you only know a general area, the courts will run an ad in the local papers with a general description of your case and ask him to reply. In Maryland, this can take up to 90 days before relinquishment occurs.

Make sure you do things according to the law, it will be better for everyone in the long run.

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Heather B
Yes he can.

Honesty is the best policy.

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mom of many
If you intentionally conceal the fact that you know who the father is or might be, then he does have a chance. As his paternal rights were violated. You're best bet would be to either tell him of your plans or tell the agency or lawyer or whomever is helping you with this all the true info. And let them handle it. Concealing can mean a fraud.

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