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hala kat
Can a person on SSI for a physical disability still adopt a child?

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I am not sure, however, I would think if the disability does not hinder them caring for the child, then no it should not make a difference. Besides parents can become disabled later in life and they have children. My hubby and I adopted 2 children and he became disabled and was still able to help raise our children.
EDIT- would be really interested to know why I would get a thumbs down for this answer. just curious!!

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cate 49591962
yes it is possiable

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Yes. But will need to meet minimum abilities to pay for raising a child, so MAYBE no (SSI is a lot less than SSDI, and it also prohibits earning ANY part time income at al;l to augment) so may fail to meet requirements for fixed and too low income level.

And two; what is the disability? The answer to that will certainly be considered by the adoption people as to whether one is fit enough to handle the responsibility.

Also if the disabled person has a life partner who will be co-responsible and provicing...that will change how her ability is estimated too.

The only way to know for sure is to call the adoption people and start asking.

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What type of adoption? For private adoption, as long as the disablity wasn't so severe that you couldn't take care of the child, it should be alright. Family adoption is often easier to get done while on SSI.

For foster to adopt programs, you'll have to discuss it with your local DHS workers. Some will work on working with you, some won't, and a lot depends on the severity of the disability.

I noticed you said SSI, instead of SSA, which indicates a limited income, so that would also be taken into consideration. Some foster payments are slightly higher than SSI payments, therefore, your SSI could actually be lowered, although you'd receive the stipend for foster care, and subsequent care as provided by the state. Also, your SSI might allow for you to draw 1/2 of what you draw for yourself in the case of private adoption. It varies upon each situation. Sometimes, a disability mean you might be better able to help a special needs child. For instance, if you drew disability because you are deaf, but can still communicate well enough to advocate for the child, you'd most likely be able to adopt. Good luck.

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tickled blue
SSID is a needs based payment. Meaning that, while the person may be disabled, they are also below or just meeting poverty levels. A person with a disability can adopt a child, absolutely. However, most agencies require the person to be financially stable. If you can prove that you have a stable income and that you can financially afford to have another person in your home, then you would be eligible to adopt. I don't know what other financial means you have, but SSID is not generally a lifetime payment....and will fluctuate over time/circumstances. An SSID payment alone would not--in most cases--be enough stability from the point of view of the agency. If this is a lifetime disability, or if you have other income, then it is highly possible that you will qualify to adopt.
<<adoptive mommy through foster care; SSA/SSID claims representative

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~I am sure it really depends on the disability....you need to contact a adoption agency to find out for sure.

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Precious Love
yes! i'm on ssi can't have kids. i looked into that and i was told you can as long as your disability dosen't affect you to where the kids can't depend on you.

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