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Is this true? What about fostering?

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 I have a question about adoption?
why is it that when an adoptee loves their afamily, that people think it negates the loss of our first family?
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"When a child is placed for adoption as a young ...

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 Why is so hard to adopt children?
Toronto there is no problems yet there sure is in the small communities outside the city.
Children Aid Society
Three children we are trying to adopt are related.
First home study did ...

 Why do you oppose reunion in adoption?
Since everyone who answered the recent reunion question just got a thumbs down from someone (despite that NONE of them suggested that everyone should search), I assume some people here oppose all ...

 My hubby & i would like to adopt an older child what do you have to do to start the process?
we have a 3 month old baby so we don't want to adopt a baby. we'd like to adopt in about 4 years. we live in wv what is the process for adoption. we don't have a child in mind. thank ...

 Why do A-parents feel threatened by Adoptee reuniting with N-parents?
Please give honest answers and think about the unselfish act of love the n-parent gave in relinquishing. If adoptee wants reunion , the A-parent should be just as unselfish, truly there is nothing ...

Tina Z
Can a 21 year old be adopted?
Ive heard adults can be adopted, not through an agency of course, as they'd be too old,but if they've found a family who they are also friends with, who are willing to adopt them then it can be done. Apparently Marilyn Monroe was going to be adoped when she was in her 30s? Im 21
Additional Details
Im aware Im an adult, I didn't say otherwise. But its not only children who have a desire to have a parent, is it? Dont we all need them no matter what age?

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hebrewgirl mighty girl
no marilyn monroe died at 19 or 18

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Jamie G
Dont Think So :-j :-?

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Beautiful -
no you cant
you are classed as a independant at 16 .. although you do need parental consents for almost everything at that age

you are an adult .. you are old enough to own a business, a house, car and have a while litter of children of your own

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J. Herzog
the only time people over the age of 18 can be adopted is if they have mental disabilities.

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once you turn 18 your legally an adult unless you have some sort of mental disability. no i dont think marilyn monroe was adoped in her 30's

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La La Land
no you can't

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No, after a certain age you're responsible for yourself. I think the only way you can gain a family is through marriage.

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11 wks with #2!
I don't think a 21 y.o. can be legally adopted; however, he/she could change his/her name and become part of a family. if the family allows it and you want to, you can call them your mom/dad/brother/sister...

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I wish! My mother drives me crazy! I want a new one ty.

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Dan =]
No, as once a person passes the age of 21 they are recognized as an adult and thus supposedly don't need parents anymore.

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Minnie Mouse
i don't know....never thought about it i guess...

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SUE G online
not legally in the uk, but if you need a mother and father figure, someone to look after you, why not find someone who will to take you under their wing and look after you, if you advertise or something, i am sure there would be plenty of willing people

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i dont think so because you are you are over the legal age which is up to 16 that you can get adopted and plus youre an adult.

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mom of many
in some state you can. I know for a fact that in Wisconsin you can be adopted as an adult but there are a few guidelines like there must be a certain age difference and it can't be a boyfriend/girlfriend situation (that becomes incest). Some people do it as they have a very close relationship with a family and they all feel the need for that family connection. Some do it for inheritance reasons. Like a family is real close to someone and want to include them in their will but it must be a family member.

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Ur joking, what would be the point ????????

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If you are in the U.S., most states allow for adult adoptions.

You need to search for adoption law or statutes in your specific state and then look up "who can be adopted". You may be able to navigate through www.childwelfare.gov in the adoption section and then to state law.

That should get you to where you will find the answer you need.

Adoptions with adults are usually done for inheritance sake, etc.

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Yes, in most states adults can be adopted. Very few have laws where you cannot. Do an internet search with the words "adult adoption" but put the state you live in first, and then follow it all with the word "laws", for instance, "New York adult adoption laws".

I know of an informal adoption where the young lady turned 18, and in her state couldn't be adopted by the step-dad who raised her before she turned 18, because the father wouldn't allow it, and then afterwards, because her state didn't allow adult adoption, so she informally adopted her dad, and for Christmas, she gave him the paperwork, where she'd changed her last name to his. He said it was the best Christmas gift he ever got, besides the opportunity to raise her in the first place.

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Yes!! as a matter of fact my spouse is being legally adopted by his longterm guardians. He is 35. it makes wills and stuff easier for parents. All you have to do is file the paperwork yourself, or get an adoption attorney to do it for you. It shouldn't be too expensive either.

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Don't listen to these people saying an adult can't be adopted.. OF COURSE THEY CAN!!! And it's easier because no parental notification has to be given! I have 3 adult (over 18) kids that will soon be adopted by my husband....Those that are saying you can't be adopted at 21 are totally wrong!

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I'm sorry, I can't answer your question. I would think you would need to contact a family services lawyer for the facts. I don't blame you for wanting to be a part of a family. I sympathize.
Wow! Hebrewgirl How could Marilyn Monroe have made so many movies AND been married three times And been such an influential movie star if she died when she was 18??? She was 36.

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Jennifer L
Yes, an adult can legally be adopted by another adult. There is a process involved but it's nowhere near as lengthy or as detailed as a minor adoption because the person to be adopted can legally give consent.

As I understand it, it's a matter of filing a form and paying a fee. You'd have to check for the specific requirements in your area.

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Looney Tunes

I am looking for someone to adopt me and I am 30.....(and I don't care about money!)

It is not as complicated as child adoption and is usually less money. Plus, it is done between agreeable parties, so it is not forced.

Some people that never have a family do get adopted as adults. Everyone needs a family and it continues to hurt for those adults who did not have one.

There was even a story where a family adopted an adult son. It was on TV and the judge was like "Congrats" and the family was so happy. The adult son cried with joy! They celebrated and had a big party afterwards!
It was totally about love!!

Good luck!!!!!!

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Gaia Raain
OMG...wow...the lack of information astounds me.

YES, you can be adopted as an adult. Call a lawyer to find out details in your state. Adults are adopted all the time for inheritance reasons, or just legally binding a chosen family.

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