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 For pro-reformers: From the list below, which needs reform the most and why?
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 Adoption in Pittsburgh,Pa?
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 Public information on adopted sibling.?
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 Persuasive Speech?
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Adopting a Child from a Prison Birthmother?
I'm trying to find out who to contact. I can't seem to find much information on this as far as my state goes. When a mother in prison decides to place her child up for adoption, who handles that? I'm sure the mother can place the child with the state and have the state find an adoptive family. Is the mother also allowed to place her child else where? Can the mother chose a family through attorneys rather than the state? Does anyone know how this works?

Please, no negative answers. I understand the risks of adopting from a mother in prison. I understand the different problems the child can have. I'm simply trying to get information here. Thanks.
Additional Details
At this point I feel that I need to add ... I'm not talking about taking children away from their mother because she is in prison ... I'm talking about mothers who WANT to place the child up for adoption.

I understand that a family member or the state can care for the child until the mother is released but I'm talking about mothers who WANT to put the child up for adoption.

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i hate when people give negative things.. its like your looking for some relife and help ya kno (:
alright so i think it is wonderful that you are going to try to take a child or an unbored child from someone who can not handle the baby. i think you should contact the police or jail place she is remaining at . maybe they can help. and goood luck (:

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id go with the comments that say to call the nearest DHS in your county. this is a really interesting question. i was a little surprised (although i shouldnt be) at the people saying a woman pregnant in prison shouldnt have to give up her baby. i have to say that's ridiculous. if she went to prison for committing a crime, AND she was pregnant, she doesnt deserve that baby! a good mother doesnt risk prison while pregnant. not to mention, it's terrible to suggest a child should spend time in foster care waiting for the mother to get out of prison. they have five years in a good family.....only to be returned to a neglectful mother? that's terrible. imagine that poor baby being seperated from someone they love TWICE! im not saying if the mother is safe to have around children that she shouldnt be a part of their lives, but really..they dont deserve children.

sorry to get so off topic there, i was just so disgusted i couldnt keep my thoughts to myself

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♥ || Brown Eyed Girl || ♥
I could be wrong since I'm just guessing here but I think the best place for you to go is the social services office in the city/town you're living in to inquire about this.

You're doing a great thing. *hug*

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Jennifer L
Good question!

I don't know the answer, but I think a good starting point would be the state department of human services. It would stand to reason that children with their mothers in prison, that have no other family, would be in the care of the state.

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*7 Inch Heels*
Actually i think you can call some local prisons and jails in your area im pretty sure they would know

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Santa&#39;s Lil&#39; Helper
I work in a hospital and why I can not speak for others I will tell you that their are two scenarios.....Mom has a family member step in who the child is relinquished to several days after the birth. If this does not happen the state steps in and takes the child, the mother does not have a choice because she is in custody. What happens after that will depend of how long the mom is incarcerated for. I am sorry I could not offer you more information.

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Still Me
O.K., here is how this works. If the birthmother wants you to adopt her child, you will need to have an agency or attorney to complete the paperwork. Some states require an intermediary, and others do not. You can contact the prison Social Services department for more information, or the prison Chaplain's office will also know how adoptions are handled there. The birthmother will need to inform the prison Social Worker of the adoption plan, and who is to be contacted when she goes into labor. Most states will allow her only minimal contact (1-2 hours) following birth (very sad!). When the baby is ready to be discharged from the hospital, you will come and discharge the baby per the paperwork. The agency or attorney will need to work with the birthmother for her to be able to complete her profile and sign her relinquishment at the appropriate, legal time. This is usually 48-72 hours after delivery. Then her rights, and the birthfather's rights, will have to legally be terminated in court. These can be complicated adoptions, so you might consider an attorney very experienced in adoptions, or an adoption agency. This is called an "Identified Adoption" (one where you are wanting to work with a birthmother known to you) and is considerably less financially than full adoption services. You can also assist this birthmother with things she needs - such as OB pads, underwear, shoes, deoderant, extra fruit or food, etc. by securing the information to put money into her prison spending account. She will really need this, especially following delivery! Try to make every attempt to provide her with this regularly, if possible -- it makes a huge difference to any incarcerated woman. FYI - This birthmother has the right to choose private adoption (which means through an individual, attorney or private agency) to be able to stay in contact with you and her child. She does not have to relinquish to the state, where she will never know anything about her child! Good luck with this!

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I understand what you're saying. Unfortunately you have to weed out the unnecessary comments to just see a few decent ones.

Hopefully, the mother & child will be able reunite. I would definitely start with reputable agencies, your local state site for information. Just start calling around & researching information.

Have you ladies seen where this lady raises her child in prison?


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When a woman is in prison and gives birth she is allowed a few days in the hospital with the baby at which time family can get the child. They don't have to adopt but have guardianship until her release. If she choose to adopt out the baby most states try for family first. You have to go through the same process as oher adoptive parents . Homestudies and background checks etc. If no family qualifies or wants to take the child the child goes into foster care then gets adopted out from their

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I would call a prison and ask them...they should be able to point you in the right direction.....
I personally think that mothers in prison should be allowed to keep their babies depending on how long they're going to be in there for(I mean if they have life,then what's the point)but if they're only going to be in there say 5 years or less(for example)then they should be able to...I guess it would also depend on what they're in there for,ofcourse....
But,I think it's awful to force a baby away from someone just because they're in prison...
But thats not saying anything negative torwards you,because if these babies are going to be taken no matter what,then we do need people like you who have the heart to want to raise one of these babies...But,I hope that you will be willing to do an open adoption so that if and when the mother gets out she can see/talk to her child.....and send her pictures and letters several times a year,etc...
I would definitely start with calling a prison direct,though
like I said,they should be able to point you in the right direction....
My second place I would call is lawyers and then adopton agencies....I'm sure someone has to know the answer to that....

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um... most women in prison give guardianship of their children to a family member, are placed in a "protected section" where she can keep her baby or temporarily place them in foster care until release. also, most women are incarcerated for non-violent offenses and will most likely be released.

adoption from prison is usually tricky. there is almost always DHS involvement, to ensure that the plan was not made under duress or in exchange for a "reduced sentence." also, inmates are a "special class" because of the potential for coercion, hence, i'd humbly advise you to seek an adoption from social service or foster care.

sorry, but even "prison birthmothers" with "different problems" usually want their kids.

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When a child is born to a mother in prison, she is given the oppurtunity to have that child with her while in the hospital. It is up to her weither or not she places the child for adoption or not.

Just because she is serving a debt to society for something she has done, does not automatically mean that she loses rights to be a mother.

She is given the chance to contact family members to see if a relative would be willing to parent the child until she is finished serving her time. If a relative is not availible the child is placed with child protection until the time has been served. Quite often, if the mother is nearing the end of her sentence the warden of her prison will allow her to be released once in labor. I've seen this happen many times.

Here in Canada, we have a federal penitentiary in Quebec that allows pregnant woman to keep their young child (under 1) with them while they serve their time. Although it's not really agreeable to have a child in prison, this is not your typical prison. It's run more like a rather large group home. It's been widely recognized that by keeping these children with their mothers, they are given the biggest reason to rehabilitate their lives. While incarcerated they receieve parenting classes, a trade to become a productive member of society on the outside and it maintains the mother child bond.

The Elizabeth Fry Society has been actively involved for years in dealing with female inmates. It's the female equvalent of the John Howard Society. If you are interested in actively helping these woman I would suggest you get in touch with your local chapter. They arrange numerous things for these woman and their children, including family get togethers, gifts for the children at Christmas (labelled from "mom" so the kids know mommy hasnt forgotten about them) and even temporary care for these children. It's a great way to be productive in helping to maintain and save a family.

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Freckle Face
One of our domestic adoptions that fell thru the prospective first mother was in prison. She contacted the agency like any other prospective first mother and a case worker from the agency went up for visits and fill out paper work etc... So its handled just like any other agency adoption.

In the end an Aunt came forward to raise the baby for her. Which was fine with us, we were happy that someone came forward to support her so she wouldn't be all alone.

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