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 What are those things called?
that are on motorways..they're arrow shaped and you must leave 2 between you and the car in front. they look like this: ^ and they have a funny name.

thanks x
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 Driving test panic and nerves!!!!!?

Why do people drive over the speed limit?
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dont be a bad citizen

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I speed, a lot but other than that I honestly follow every other driving law. I do it because I like zip in and out of traffic. There's a thrill that comes with it. And I know that late at night it helps keep me up when I'm zipping in and out of cars, that way I'm more attentive.

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Amanda H
People drive over the speed limit because the speed limit is usually set at an unreasonably slow pace, which is set low with expectations of people going faster. They also want to be extra cautious so they are not liable for anything/anyone. It is in fact, much safer to go with the flow of trafic. Speed Limits dont really mean much to anyone, unless they are old.

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They are more like guidelines

Also becuase "I have a need, for Speed!"

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because to make up time they have lost ( too many red lights, left later than they should have,got lost) The vehicles that aren't going the speed limit should get tickets too . That's the Law!!!

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because the car manufacturers made a car to have high speed they should actualy make a car's highest speed to be 120km/h and not more than that otherwise people don't listen and they always wanna abuse the oppotunity they have

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to show off, sometimes in hurry, sometimes to check their limits, depends on the circumstance they are in!

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Don E
Hey Pop,I bet your a highway patrol.I have alot of respect for you guys.We all know whats right and some just want to cheat.Thanks for the reminder. No tickets since 1977.

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great scott
i dont think that they are speeding
your VOLVO is stuck in second gear
and what with all that weight from the bowling club tea and scones sitting in the 3 pairs of sixty plus year old hips on the back seat maybe you should take off your big white hat whilst driving so you can see where you are going
then maybe you could turn off your headlights and drive normaly and actualy sit on the speed limit

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Their in a hurry to get to where their going?? Maybe they always wanted to be a race car driver!

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it is nothing more then just a passion and style some people like to use it to others danger.its better to start early rather then risking your and others life.

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Where I live, cops actually let you go 9 miles above the limit. But at 10, they ticket you. Thats why.

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because they are late and wherever they need to be is more important than the law or being safe.
They probably have a glove box crammed with unpaid tickets and a horn that no longer works.

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because the speed limit sucks and is slow. because people want to drive faster than 65 mph. get out of the fast lane if your not passing anyone

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Elo Fudpucker
Your question is a good one, however the answers you have gotten so far really show the immaturity of the answerers. I guess I'm just getting old,but when I see a speed limit sign,(and the conditions permit) that is where I put my speed controll. However I don't like your comment about the cops having a low class job. The next time you get in a jam, call a crook.
.....Nuf Said

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Because I am allowed to .. I only speed when responding to a fire/medical emergency ....I have the lights, siren , 2-way radio ,and vehicle insurance required by law to operate my car personal vehicle as an emergency vehicle , and I have had the necessary , emergency vehicle response driving coarses along with several other drivers classes (annually) , that enables me to pose less danger to the public while speeding ,versus the danger posed by the average citizen out doing their daily routine driving below posted limits

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Mickey Mouse Spears
To get where they're going faster, or to get away from other drivers (and have their own space on the road).

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They aren't paying attention, they're in a hurry, or just because.

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Big hurry to get no where

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Nunoyvgvna Awi
cause they think they are saving time by speeding. but if they actually sat down and calculated the speed, time, distance and tracked it for one day. they would realize all that lead footing did nothing but save them maybe 1.5 minutes in the entire day. but it put 3 times more wear and tear on their car, used 1.9 times more gas then needed and they put themselves and others at risk almost every minute.

I base it on lack of education and lack of common sense....for I use to be a lead foot till I did the math. Now I drive with cruise control everywhere.

You know if everyone stopped speeding, just that alone.....we wouldn't have the gas prices we have today nor the gas/oil shortage that we see before us. for we waste almost 40% of what we import in lead foots and other bad driving practices.

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My Trans Am has a speedometer that goes to 160 mph for a reason too.

I once convinced a state trooper that I really thought the I75 interstate sign was a speed limit sign telling me the limit was 75. I wasn't sure whether to be proud of my acting ability, or disgusted that he really thought I was that stupid.

I don't speed in my truck, just hit the cruise control and get there when I get there. It's a different story in a car though. ZOOM ZOOM! Where I live, it's 30 miles to the next town, and 100+ to the next city, so jacking up to 80 (speed limit is 70) saves me about 15-20 minutes on the drive.

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