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Harry Ball
Why are deer hit by cars so often?
What makes a deer run across the road in front of a car? Is it the bright lights? Why would a deer run towards the lights? Can somebody please explain why this animal is so stupid?

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Evan C
there lives suck...they are just there to be hunted....

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yeah they do seem quite stupid but they are the one animal that claims the most lives in the US every year. Its partially due to the overpopulation of the species and partly due to the fact that as we as humans encroach into their natural environment they are forced to cross roads to get from one food/water source to another. As far as the lights go, well what would be your natural reaction if you saw bright lights headed at you. Move of course, well most people freeze especially if its something that they are not use to coming in contact with.

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A couple of reasons:

* The edges of many roads have tall grass and other vegetation that deer like to eat, so they are drawn to roads

* Deer are constantly moving among different areas, and they use roads as travel corridors

* Deer escape natural predators by zigzagging--this works great for escaping coyotes and wolves, but with cars traveling in a straight line, it causes the deer to run into the cars

* Most deer collisions occur at night--deer have very good night vision which makes them sensitive to light, so they are temporarily blinded by headlights, which draws them back to the roads because they can't see in the brush

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Jeronimo Rock Hopper
What makes people drive their cars through the deer's home?
I don't know, but we like building our roads through their homes. So we drive through their houses, because that's what humans do.

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Captain Nemo
Its the adrenaline rush that they get from doing it but they don,t realise its going to end really badly for them. Here in Australia Kangaroos enjoy doing the same thing & Elks in Europe love doing this too!

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No one has showed them not to play in the road.

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deer can appear suddenly. If one is standing along side the road, it will watch the car but when the car gets close the deer gets scared and jumps, usually in the direction they were heading. they are not stupid, if you see one blow your horn and slow down. deer horns do not work anymore, there are so many of them and they have become part of the back ground noise now<

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Deers are not stupid. They just have bad timing (at least the ones that get hit).

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Vince M
Because if they were hit by snowballs, it wouldn't make the news.

Deer? What about rabbits, skunks, racoons, opossums, cats and dogs. These get hit much more often than deer.

You think the animals are stupid? Would you expect a two year old human being to behave any smarter than a deer?

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They're not.

Do you really think deer are more stupid than humans? Think about it. You never hear about deers killing each other because they don't agree with what the other deer does, or that one group of deer thinks the other group of deer should be more "democratic".

People get killed on the road all the time too.

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Lights actually blind the deer, if you come up on one turn your lights off just for a brief second so that he can see where to run. There not stupid. Just blinded.

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Ben Linus
People take away their natural habitat non-stop by continually expanding cities and suburbs, forcing deer to cross things like man-made roads in search of basic things we take for granted like food, water, and shelter.

Deer have a natural reflex to freeze when they're shined with bright lights at night - just like racoons and probably dozens of other wild animals also do. In the wild (without people) how many times do think a deer gets shined in the eyes in the dead of night by anything as bright as a set of halogen headlights?

As far as why they're "so stupid", deer are wild animals not people. You can't assume deer think like a person would. Deer don't just cross roads or freeze when they see headlights because they know it's dangerous and are looking for some adventure - they do what they do because they have no idea they're in danger until it's often too late.

Besides, you'd probably do lots of "stupid" things too if you had to worry about where and when your next meal might be and where each sip of water you got was coming from every minute of your life.

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Deer are not stupid animals, your trying to compare them alongside human intelligence or something. Deer are wild animals and they don't understand even the basic things we do. We build roads through their habitat and push these animals into small areas of greenspace where they're bound to have a conflict with are life. Do you think a deer understands what a blinding light coming at them at 50mph is? They get terrified and often just stand in shock in the road, or the light may confuse them enough jump unintentionally in front of the car.

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