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Amber S
Who goes first at a 4-way stop?
My husband and I are having a minor disagreement. Here is the scenario: Assume there is a 4-way stop with a stop sign. There is a line of cars in all directions. Also assume that the cars DO NOT reach the stop sign at the same time but within a few seconds of each other. He says the person on the right goes first and the order of who goes continues to rotate to the right regardless of who actually gets to the stop sign first. I say whoever gets to the stop sign first goes first no matter how long the line of cars is. Which is it?

BTW, I do understand if ALL cars get there at the same time its the person on the right who goes and in that case the person to the right would go.

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Whomever gets there first, I believe.

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bob v
the right person goes. but alot of the times people dont know how to drive so you have to wait a few tell some one goes. the other day. the cop was on the right side of me. and duh he would not go. i had to . and there for he then went but i thought what a dope.

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chris s
the person on the right of you gets the right of way...wanna be courtious..let the other person go first

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You may occasionally arrive at a four-way stop sign at the same time as another driver.

In such cases the driver to the right has the right of way.

However, not all drivers know this.

If someone to your left decides to go first, let them!

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First in, first out. If all 4 arrive at exactly the same moment, everyone would wait for the one on their right to go first, and eventually someone would move, then the normal counterclockwise rotation would start again.

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The first person there and then the rest go anti clockwise.

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if you get there first, you go first...if all 4 cars get there at the same time isn't every car the car to the right?

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The person arriving first goes first. If you're there and ready to go why would you wait for everyone else to come to a complete stop?

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CIvvy Civ ツ
"When two facing vehicles approach the intersection at the same time, BOTH drivers can move straight or turn right. If one driver is going straight, while the other wants to turn left, the driver that wants to turn LEFT must YIELD the right of way, and must wait until the turn can be made safely"

"When two or more vehicles reach the intersection at the same time, the car to the LEFT must YIELD the right of way"

The only time a left turning vehicle has any sort of right of way, is at a 4 way stop, where the person who gets there first, goes... and so on...
Or at a FLASHING green light...

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