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sheannetta v
Which way do i turn my car wheels when i am parking up hill or down ??

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doesn't matter. just sit the emergency brake, but if you feel you must turn your wheel then i'd turn it a way that if it rolled back it would not hit anything

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Bostjan V
The logic is that you want to turn the front wheels so, that the way the car would travel if the brakes fail would be the shortest.
So being turned downhill and on the right side of the road you turn the wheels right - they will hit the curbstone almost immediately.
Turned uphill on the right side of the road you also turn the wheels to the right, so when the car goes backward the rear wheels go to the right (front will go to the left) and hit the curbstone - a bit later, but nevertheless soon enough.
On the left side of the road turn the wheels to the left side in both cases - with the same effect as described above.

Practically you can do it the otherway around when you park uphill also, if you park close enough to the curbstone that the front wheels will almost lean on it aready before the car moves.
When you park downhill there is no such trick, so maybe it is the best if you always act according to the first rule :-)

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Al Mac Wheel
If there is a curb, and your car is parked right beside the curb, and if the car's brakes fail & it starts to roll, you want the wheels to first connect with the curb, so that it can act as an additional brake, as opposed to the car going out into the street with no blockage.

Seriously you want to have a good quality parking brake, and avoid parking on steep hills.

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You should turn them into the curb. You should also set your emergency brake.

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an easy way to remember is; up, up, and away! so when you park up hill they go away from the curb and then down hill they go towards it.

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Up a hill- wheels toward road

Down a hill- wheels toward the curb

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Check with your Highway Safety Act. Where I live, a driver can be charged if his/her vehicle rolls into a roadway and hits something or someone while parked on a hill.
General rule of thumb is..... UPHILL with a curb, wheels left, touching the curb....
DOWNHILL with a curb, wheels right, touching the curb.....
UPHILL or DOWNHILL w i t h o u t a curb, wheels to the right.
Yes, parking brake on too!
Make sense to you?

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The Mr. Pine
Up hill you turn the tires away from the curb. Down hill turn them into it.

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if ur parked up hill turn away from the curb if ur down hill tword the curb

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Turn them to the right (to the curb) when parking downhill, to the left (away from the curb) when parking uphill.

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Firecracker .
You turn your wheels so the car will go to the curb if it moves.
When facing uphill, turn wheels to the left.
When facing downhill, turn to the right.

If you are where you drive on the left side of the road, it's the other way around.

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With a curb, turn your wheels so a tire would roll into the curb if it started to roll. Without a curb turn the wheels so the car wold roll of the road.

Parked on the right with curb on right side of car.
Down hill - turn to right. Front tire will roll forward into the curb.
Up hill - turn to left. Front tire will roll back into the curb

Without curb always turn right.
Down hill - turn to right so car will roll clear of road.
Up hill - Also turn to right so car will roll back clear of the road.

If your parked on the left side with kerb on the left, reverse the above directions.

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