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lol s
Which of the following will help you avoid being hit from behind? ?
Which of the following will help you avoid being hit from behind?

Select right answer

signaling at least 100 feet prior to turning.
decreasing your following distance.
quickly pumping your brakes just before turning.

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but i would say the second choice.
remember that if you are rear ended than you will get to fine the other driver unless you fail to turn on blinker.(reckless driving)

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None of the above.
1st I would Increase my flowing distance.
2nd I would signal at least 1000' before & during my turn.
3rd Singal when you change lanes.

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signaling at least 100 feet prior to turning.

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Signal at least 100 feet prior to turning... and SLOW DOWN as you approach the turn.

And pay attention to vehicles that are behind you. If someone is following you rather closely, and you don't have time to properly signal your turn or gradually slow down, then perhaps it's better to miss the turn than to slam on your brakes and get rear-ended.

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First be aware of your surroundings the 100 feet rule is fine but you need to check your mirrors to make sure no one will hit you from behind this is one of the rules of the smith system of defensive driving. in other words "get the big picture"

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Signaling 100 feet prior to an intersection is correct. And is a law. LOL i got a ticket for not signaling 100 feet before an intersection.

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Ed P
Signal early check your mirrors Stop far enough behind the other car .Have an escape route

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Russ B
signaling at least 100 feet prior to turning.

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