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 Who should I complain to for a pedestrian walk sign that never signals for the street I must cross every day?
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 Baby car seat - EU and US standard?
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Jennifer A
When u ride your bike in traffic which way do u face?
my husband and i are debating on which side u ride ur bike. i told him against traffic so u could see whats coming, he says no its the way u are going.. whose right???

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You're supposed to ride with the traffic, but I'm been riding through the streets in my town for years. And you're right it's definitely easier to ride against the traffic, cause you don't have to keep turning around to see if cars are coming. I guess I'm breaking the law.

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Ride with the traffic...

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yes the first answer is correct. also check with local laws, some cities will not let you ride on the sidewalk.-blurey

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Stupid Flanders
Sorry, but your husband is right.

In the US:
You ride your bike with traffic (on the right side).
You walk against traffic (on the left side).

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You are riding a bike, you are a road user, you ride with the traffic (not against it) and you abide by all the rules of the road.

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Fred C
Riding against traffic is not just dangerous, it is against the law. When you are riding a bike you observe the same laws as drivers of motorized vehicles do.
I hope you didn't bet money on this!
When you are walking, of course, you face traffic.

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Vince M
In the US, bicycles are considered vehicles and must obey all laws that apply to vehicles. That means that you ride WITH the traffic. Not only is it against the law to ride on the street FACING traffic, it is extremely dangerous. Drivers don't expect anything as fast as a bike to be moving on the wrong side of the road. Every year, hundreds, if not thousands of injuries result in bikers behing struck by cars, because the drivers may be looking for slow moving pedestrians, but not the faster moving bikes coming from that direction.

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