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Dark Magician
What should I do about a suspicious unknown car parked on my driveway?
It's not a problem now, but when my parents come home, the garage and driveway are now both blocked.

I think its suspicious because I live in a cul-de-sac and there is curb-side parking available everywhere around me. Furthermore, it doesnt seem like its a guest for a party as all the driveways and area around me are deserted.

I don't know what I should do

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The Joker
Call the police. The owner of the car is trespassing on your property by parking on your driveway.

Or go outside and key the hell out of the paintwork =)

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call a tow truck company

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Shoot them with a bazooka

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Just call 911 and they will handle this for you..

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Beth L.
You can call the police and report it. Don't call 911, but call the nonemergency line and explain the situation. They can look at the situation and have the vehicle removed.

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When it comes to this discussion, I am perfect to getting the information you need.

Vehicles, whether occupied or not, may be suspicious or
signify a crime in progress. When you see a suspicious
vehicle, try to remember the make, color, and the license
plate. Write down as much information as possible.

Things you may want to keep an eye out for suspicious activity:

Vehicles being loaded with valuables may signify a
theft or burglary, especially if at an unusual hour or
location, even if the vehicle is a legitimate looking
commercial unit, such as a repair vehicle, moving
van, etc.
• Vehicles making aimless or repetitive movements,
particularly if near schools, parks, or playgrounds
could raise suspicion if observed at an unusual hour
or location. Such actions may indicate the occupant
is “casing” the area for possible theft, burglary, or
other criminal activity.
• Apparent business transactions conducted from a
vehicle, especially if around schools or parks, and if
juveniles are involved, could be indicative of drug
dealings or the sale of stolen property.
• Abandoned vehicles may be stolen.
• Persons – especially if juveniles or females—being
forced into vehicles may signify a possible kidnapping.
• A stranger in a car stopping to beckon a child.
• Vehicles parked in remote areas may be involved with
drug or alcohol usage or sexual assault.
• Vehicles containing weapons would be suspicious
under most circumstances

Things I learned from expereince that you should DEFINETLY look for

License #
Lic. State Lic. Color
❑ 2 Door ❑ 4 Door
❑ SUV ❑ Van/Truck
❑ Sports car ❑ Motorcycle
❑ Full Size ❑ Compact
❑ Convertible
How many in vehicle?
Male Female
Unusual Characteristics
(Dent, marks, lights, bumper stickers)
Location last seen
Direction of Travel

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I would call your neighbors and see if one of them had a friend who parked there, if not call the police and tell them the car is blocking the drive, give them the license plate number and they should be able to contact the owner or have it towed. Until something is done, stay indoors with the doors locked, just in case.

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Tell your parents to call the police if you ever feel like you aren't safe because of it, or if you hear someone trying to break into your house at night. or have someone hired as a neighborhood watch.

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