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big dave
What is the maximum speed an emergency vehicle can respond to an emergency?

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Taz D'vil
Actually! By law, the emergency services are no more allowed to break the speed limit than you or I.

It is a common misconception that all the emergency services break the speed limit because they always seem to drive past you so fast.

In fact they just appear to be speeding because you see them overtaking slower traffic and flying through road junctions at speed.

If you were to monitor their speed with a radar gun, you would be rather surprised.

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Rapid Fire
In my area emergency vehicles are, by law, required to obey the set speed limits. It has been determined that if other traffic yields the right of way (as it should) then the normal speed limit is a sufficient speed to drive at.
Police vehicles are allotted some latitude but heavier emergency vehicles are held to the speed limit for safety reasons.

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As fast and safe as possible.Normally about 90 on the highway if traffic is low.

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That depends. Some areas have a graduated system. They have different levels of emergency and that limits how fast they can go. Others have a flat limit. Some big cities on the east coast has something like that ( I think Baltimore, but I'm not sure) where they can go only 10 or 20 over the posted limit. Still, most areas ask the driver to use his best judgment based on the emergency, traffic and road conditions.

The police cars in my city (Crown Victorias) have an electronic limiter set at around 125mph.

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there is no maximum speed its an emergency lol

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Firecracker .
Depends on location.
Every state sets it's own traffic laws, they are NOT the same everywhere.
Where I live, an emergency vehicle (which can include private vehicles) may exceed the speed limit "so long as he does not endanger life or property".
There is no maximum speed.

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There is no limit - but they have to observe potential hazards and drive accordingly.

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The One
Im a x London Paramedic and its all about driving with due care and attention to yourself and other road users red traffic lights are treated as give way signs.There is no speed limits for Emergency vehicles on a call.But in my opinion the police can go a little to fast.

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