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 How do you stop the anoying seat beat alarm (without putting on the seat belt) in a hummer 3?

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you all are a bunch of smart butts i didn't ask if i should wear one i asked if any one knew how to disalarm the thing!...

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 What's up with cell phones?
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i've never owned one or really know how to use ...

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What is the legal age for a child to ride on the back of a motorcycle?

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I'm not aware of any legal limitation in this regard, however I suspect this varies from state to state. Your best bet would be to either hit the DMV website for your area and take a look, or just give the DMV a call. Good luck and wear body armor and a helmet.

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I hope so.. thats a dumb thing for anyone to think of doing!!

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umm idk, i dont care i do it anyways and i'm 13. i also drove one once. they'll never know with a helmet on!!!

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I am not aware of any restrictions. Use your best judgement. I would recommend no children under the age of 14.

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Varies from state to state.

My state requires people under 21 to wear an approved helmet and shoes.

I won't take a kid unless he has a helmet that fits and can put his feet on the passenger pegs.

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There is no minimum age, BUT... in most states the childs feet need to be able to firmly rest on the passenger footpegs while straddling the rear seat. So there's a practical size limit.

Regardless, you shouldn't ever transport a child that is too young to understand that THEY need to hang on, lean with you as you ride, and not interfere with your control of the bike. Also, even if you don't wear gear, you should consider full safety gear for the passenger... you'd feel awful if you binned it and injured a kid, no?

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Melodie M
16 or older

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good question.....

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Ask a lawyer in your state, or possibly the state patrol.


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