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 Do you think it was wrong to ask some kid off the street to fix my car and drive it out of the town....?
and to a safe spot were we live? (which he did, and was thankful for, he was 19 and my car stalled and he started it up and drove it out of town and got it running for me, I thought that very kind!)<...

 Hi i need some help with a car crash i have just had....?
Hi i need some help with a car crash i have just had and the driver of the other party is trying to put all the blame on me.

I pulled into a bus lane, stopped and then put my hazard lights ...

 The first time u drove on a street.. how did it go? ?
with all those other cars and signs and lanes and all.. any good tips?
i'm gona drive on the street for the first time tomorrow and my instructor is mean as f*uck (my dad).


 What is threshold breaking? ?
I recently tried my learner's knowledge test (I live in Alberta, Canada), failed on the very last question =[ . But anyways, my last question was "A vehicle is not equipped with ABS. T...

 Negative effects of donuts and drifting?
What are the negative effects on the car when doing these?

I have a 1990 Nissan 240sx, a prodigy in the drift world for you who don't know. I don't drift or do donuts except ...

 Driving with learner's permit ?
i live in california, and i have my learner's permit
am i allowed to drive my brother who's 10 if my dad is in the car
(haha, and yes, my dad has a license, is over 25, such and ...

 I need to have my truck inspected by the CA CHP. What does that entail? What do they inspect?
Do they make sure everything is street legal like no cracks in the windshield, bumpers etc?...

 Are the penalties for riding a pedal bike whilst drunk any different to drink driving a motor vehicle?

 What should I do if my car gets stuck in the snow?
It's snowing hard here. I work in the city and live in the countryside. I'm working late tonight and really should go home early, but it's a job I really want to do. What should I ...

 I am extremely nervous about driving/driving school?
So, I'm about to turn fifteen and have to get my permit and all of that fun stuff.

I am terrified to go to driving school.
I am terrified of driving. Period.

But I ...

 Is it normal or safe for a women at any age to hitch hike to work because it's snowing?
Is it normal or safe for a women at any age to hitch hike to work because it's snowing?
Additional Details
I am not a hitchhiker. I have a friend who does this and thinks there'...

 Can a stop sign ticket hold up in court if the cop put the wrong time of day on the ticket? ?
made a right hand turn at a stop sigh after stopping. Officer pulls me and said i ran the stop sign. after i got home and looked at the ticket i saw he put down 630 am instead of 630 pm. i was asleep ...

 We are going to Florida in July can i use the car seat i use in the uk for my granchild age 2 & 1/2?

 Driver door window reflection when driving at night?
When ever I drive my car at night I change lanes and I notice a reflection in the driver door, it is the buttons on the door. Could this be the dark tint i have on the car or what could cause this. I...

 Can you drive straight to school ?
Can you drive straight to school and back alone with your permit?...

 What is the legal speed limit for bad conditions, such as rain&wet roads?
Is there such a thing as getting a ticket for driving faster than legal for such weather conditions?...

 How can I prevent auto part theft?
I'm visiting New York and 3 days into being here, some moron stole the mirrors off my SUV. Now I remember why I moved to begin with. They are over $200 to replace. Once I get them replaced is ...

 What is car hop's policy on accidents?
I have a 97 ford exployer that i got from car hop. now i know about all the bad reps that car hop gets but i actually got a good car. had it checked and everything and it's perfectly fine when ...

 Does the imposition of a heavy fine help to reduce car accidents?
give your opinion..
thank you.....

 Why is there brail at the drive up ATM ?
Think about it if someone is blind why are they driving in the first place?...

Dave J
What is the first offense of disobeying a railroad grade crossing?

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Depends on your state laws. You might get a ticket for reckless driving or failure to stop or failure to yield a train. It might be similar to failure to stop at a stop sign. You should never take that chance of trying to beat a train that might be moving at 75-100 MPH. If you see a railroad crossing going down or a train coming, stop and wait for the train. Better be safe than sorry.

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Friendly Stranger..
You would likely be fined if caught, but it does depend on your state. You may also receive points on your license. You wouldn't go to jail for such a crime but it is punishable by fine and possible points. It is a safety hazard because you are not obeying traffic signals and you could cause harm to you or the driver of the train that is approaching.

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Getting hit by a train?

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