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What happens when u receive 12 points on your licence is auto ban or court case ?

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I think it's an automatic ban now for 12 points.
They'll just summons you and the court will ban you for 12 months.

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Mr Glenn
It does depend on how close together your 12 points have been, it is usually an automatic ban if you get 12 points within 3 years.
If you can demonstrate you need a car to get to work (not just for convenience - you really need it), you probably won't get a ban.

One last thing...slow down!

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bye bye licence

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Automatic BAN and a fine....plead leaneancy with the judge to get a reduction.....might work.....NOT.

6 months and £500

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The next time you are stopped and they run your license and it comes back suspended, you get a free ride in the back of the police car, and the tow truck comes for your car.

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In Ohio its auto, but a judge can give you work privileges, they award one hour before work and one hour after. if you are caught driving any other time you are done!

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George K
You lose your licenses

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Normally it would mean a ban due to totting up, however if you have a job that you will lose as a result of losing your licence, the courts may show leniency

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adam s
its an automatic ban although if you can claim that you need our car or you will be out of work and for family duties and ask it to go to court then you might if your lukki end up with just a fine, try and findways that it was not your fault for your last points i,e, if you were speeding go bak 2 where you were spedinga nd try and find faults with the camera

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Automatic ban. And the courts are getting less likely to hear the argument you need the car for work etc. Cos if you've got 12 points, you ain't learning the lesson!

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People with 12 points at any one time on their licence are usually complete a'holes who should be banned for life. They clearly weren't fit to drive in the first place.

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Alfred E. Newman
you go to court and get a 6month ban,unless you can show hardship then you may get a suspended ban.

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