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What does that mean when on a parking space it says "loading zone?"?
and it says like 15 min. only-usually in front of a building--Is that for like UPS and FEdex and moving truck kind of people-or does it just mean it's for reg ular people too, but you can only park there like 15 min?

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Yeah, I'd say its for the regular people too.......just as long as someones in the car to move it I suppose.

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u r s i
15 minutes for regular ppl, and it's not the company's fault if your car is damaged.

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it just means that thats where utility vehicles unload things. they only want you there 15 mins because they never know when the truck might arrive.

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That is the place that you load your fire arms before getting out of your vehicle

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Firecracker .
It means it's NOT a parking space.
It's a loading zone, and it's use is limited to 15 minutes.
Limited, because it interferes with traffic, or access to the building.

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Fred C
It isn't a parking space, as such. You can stop there, with your car, if you actually loading or unloading goods. You cannot park there and go shopping, or for a latte.

If you are actually picking up something, say a tv set, from a shop, you are quite legal to load that tv in your car in that loading zone, in most cities, even if you do not have commercial plates. However, once that tv is loaded, you must move your vehicle. With commercial plates you can actually leave the vehicle for 10 to 20 minutes, depending on local law.
As to whether your particular city designates the zone as commercial loading only, you would have to check local law. Here is a sample wording from one city, that designates the zones as commercial, but allows non-commercial to use the zone for the designated purpose.
"all vehicles may, subject to the restrictions of the Traffic By-law, use any commercial loading zone"
There also may be passenger loading zones, where no vehicle may be left untended or parked.
"Passenger loading zones may be considered for areas or blocks where high demand for passenger loading and unloading exists. No unattended vehicles will be permitted in a passenger loading zone."

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Michael M
for commerce to deliver and receive packages or supplies for a local business.

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Generally for loading people or cargo but if it is fronting a commercial building, it is cargo loading zone.

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A loading zone is only meant to be used by commercial vehicles who are delivering something to the building in front of that zone.

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It's not for 'regular people,' only for commercial vehicles loading or unloading at a business.

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If it is in front of the store, it is for customers. Malls usually have loading docks in the rear for the trucks. If it is a busniness, it may be for FedEx or small delivery trucks. Hard to say for sure without knowing exactly where you mean.
Grocery stores usually are marked as a loading zone so the customers can get their cars to load groceries in. Same for Walmart, etc.

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