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 I almost had an accident yesterday?
Driving about in the bloody snow trying to get a replacement part for my brothers corsa (Yes, he smashed it), I drove past 4 crashed cars in total. I myself was crawling along at 5-10 mph for most of ...

 Can a baby ride in the front seat of a pickup?
I have a nice cheavy pickup that I drive and I'm not sure if I can have my 4 month old son riding in the the front seat with me.im not sure what the California law is on this,does anybody know?...

 Can i? road user do you feel what i feel?
Can i sue my gov for not doing their job up to the Standard that they create? for example: im one of the million road user in Malaysia.We pay our income/road tax every year but the road we using ...

 Car theft in neighborhoods...?
Do thieves just walk around randomly/nonchalantly until they find a car they like, or is there a specific methodology they follow? (to avoid someone telling me every thief is different, I'm ...

 Last night while I was sleeping, my car alarm was activated and I don't know why!?
When I wake up quickly, I run and look to my remote control to see what was happening with my car! and it was showing me the indication of " Shock Sensor Trigger"...... what is that mean??,,...

 How many head injuries happen a year without a helmet?
How many head injuries happen each year, and how many of them happen because someone wasn't wearing a helmet?
Additional Details
How many head injuries happen each year, and how ...

 I recently got a floor jack as a present and never used one. what is the proper positioning when using one?
where do i put it to change a tire, replace my brake pads and so on?...

 Why do drunk drivers tend to survive a wreck?
It is ironic and quite puzzling to me; although not every situation is the same, how is it that the drunk drivers seem to always survive a wreck and get prosecuted for killing a sober driver? Does ...

 Driving through a car wash with gas tank open ...?
Today I accidently left my gas tank open. I didn't notice until I got into the car wash that my gas tank door was open. It was too late for me to get out and check as the car was already moving ...

 Where can i find a pic of the car in this car crash? please help?
she was 17 from cleveland county in nc it happened on november of 2004 she was going 70 mph on a 45 mph zone she crossed the center line n spun around skidded at least 114 feet then hit a tree.

 Why is road kill flatt on the side of the road? ?
i mean i know people run it over but its like flat as a board??...

 Can passenger vehicles carry fire extinguishers in case of a wreck that has a fire?
I know a girl that died in a wreck today and the car caught fire.It's questionable whether or not she was already dead before the fire started or if the fire killed her.I'm seriously hoping ...

 Is rear wheel drive any good in new england/snow/rain?
I heard it's traditionally for ideal weather only, but nowadays with traction control and such....
Anyone know?...

 Car insurance when diving in the usa?
i'm going to Florida soon and getting a hired car as part of the package.i phoned the travel company who told me it will cost me £300 to insure us for 2 weeks that's almost double what i�...

 Why don't school buses have seat belts?

 Rewording of Speed Limit signs?
Would the rewording of the Speed Limit sign to this:
Maximum Speed reduce speeding.

Doesn't Limit to you mean the minimum needed to go? So Maximum Speed, would mean this is a ...

 So a normal driver would get 3 points and a new driver would get 6 points for the same offence?

 How hard is it on a car to drive it on paved roads only without a air filter?

 Do I have to get a HARNESS BAR?
I'm thinking about buying an MR2 MK1 and was planning to equip it with harnesses (for my own safety no airbags supposedly) and i was wondering if i needed to get a harness bar if i already have ...

 What are the reasons to ban cell phone use while driving?
I have a debate in my class on cell phone use while driving and i am on the negative side against the use of cell phones while driving, so i need reasons on why they should ban cell phone use while ...

What are the deep grooves on the sides of highways called to keep you from merging off the side.?
What are those grooves called on the side of highways/roads/interstates that are grooved into the road and make a loud noise if you drive over them called? They are hell if your on a group bike ride and run over them. They keep people from falling asleep and drifting off the road i guess.

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I would call them...a WAKE UP CALL for the SLEEP-WALKERS...bikers...drivers...etc.
A natural BREAK...against UN-NATURAL REAL DISASTERS...driving...biking ...on the roads.

But...I would prevent those....being there...allowed to cause problems to others...
" A brain+ emotional "deeper, balanced test would do...before the driver licence other tests

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Michael S
Rumble strips. Tactile covering to alert a driver of left hand kerb.

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they are called rumble strips

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Rumble strips or O ****! strips

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