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 Can i get fined from a speed gun?
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 Help driving a stick shift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 What is your worst road rage incident?
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 Please answer, what is the safest family car you can get in Australia? Serious answers only please!!?
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 Got followed by a car?
My friend was in her car and she noticed a blue car following her, so she tried to lose the car but it managed to keep up with her, this freeked her out, she then drove home and still the car ...

 I've got no money and my heads busted. how can i get some help?

 When you're driving down the road, do you ever look around?
and think, holy crap, everyone is on their cell phone, driving!

It seems everytime I'm driving and someone is doing something stupid or dangerous or whatever brings your attention to ...

 "Yield to Pedestrians in Cross Walk" signs, does that mean that if they're?
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 What will happen if a hummer h2 hit a smart car?

 Why do cars have a 120mph if you don't use it?
Most ppl don't drive over 75mph -the most the go is 85pmh and that is it, there is no country that allows you to drive over a 100mph, and there is no place you can do that, so why do car makers ...

 Driving slowly on a flat?
Is it ok to drive to the gas station slowly on a flat tire to fill it up? I live on base so it's just down the street and there is no traffic at this time. Will it damage anything?...

Walking on the freeway?
I know I'll get some backlash for this but I just had to ask, since this situation has never presented itself to me before...
Is it actually illegal to walk along side a freeway? Like not actually on it, but on the other side of the guard rail? and if so, what would be the punishment for it? a ticket? jail time? I was just thinking, what if you had to get back home and you were in a completely different city, like say you needed to get home to san diego from L.A., and you had no money for a cab or bus and you didn't want to hitchhike for the obvious reasons...

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Jenna H
I went on a road trip.... 5 miles out of a town the vehicle broke down. So there sat 3 idiots in a vehicle they knew was going to break down with no phones and no one they knew in the area. Well we grabbed a 2 blankets and a back pack. We shoved a bottle of vodka in the backpack an ounce of weed and started walking to the last town we passed. We could see the first exit leading to the truck stop which was our destination for the time. Then a cop came. We explained to him how the car had broken down and so on.(He admitted to already seeing the vehicle on the side of the road) He offered to give us a ride the rest of the way. The best part was when he asked if we had any drugs alcohol or weapons on us. After saying no he just let us get it. We spent the night in the truck stop and happened to have a conversation with a mechanic who said he would tow are vehicle to his shop and allow my friend to use his tools to fix the vehicle. The timing belt had busted and there was no clearance for the pistons/valves so the engine was shot. Next thing ya know the mechanic 'borrowed' us an old 85 chevy astro van that consumed more oil then gas. We made it half way across the U.S. and back again in that monster.

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not sure..
but i'd have to think there must be some laws against it

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The World Traveler
No, it won't be ok. In my state (NY) there's little signs that say no pedestrians or bicycles like right at the start of the freeway or at on ramps. If it was an emergency like your car broke down then it would be ok. But just to walk on it to go somewhere is illegal. You'll probably just get a ticket and maybe the cop will take you off the freeway. I doubt you'd get any jail time. Just take the normal roads (aka: surface streets) if you're going to walk.

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Yes it is illegal, and likely just as illegal if you are just on the other side of the guide rail. IF caught you would likely be warned to get off, and at most a ride to the next exit. I suppose a cop having a bad day would write you a ticket, but more likely to just get a warning.

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In most States it is against the law to walk on any part of the Freeway including the "right of way".

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You won't get very far. The police will stop you.

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There is a legal difference between "Highway" and "Freeway" in California, any city street is considered a "Highway" under its vehicle code (Any roadway that is publicly maintained even a dirt road is considered a "Highway") "Highway" is a legal word with a technical definition and you cannot walk on a Freeway in California.

In your situation I would just call and ask the CHP......


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Pat S
There is a "no pedestrians allowed" law that applies to nearly every freeway. However, if your vehicle breaks down and leaves you stranded, they'll make an exception. You don't have much choice.

Walking along a freeway just to get from point A to point B when no vehicle is involved is not permitted. A ticket and a fine would probably be the punishment. I highly doubt any jail time would result unless they found another reason for it.

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Avis de J.J. / J.J's Advice
One time when I was much younger, I was on a trip, and missed my bus from a small town in Ontario. There was only one bus per day, but I knew I could probably reach a slightly larger town not too far away with more frequent bus service by foot, so I started walking along beside highway 401 (busiest highway in Canada from Detroit to Montreal, for those who don't know).
After about 15 minutes of walking, a police officer spotted me, and pulled over to ask where I was headed and what I was doing. When I explained my situation, he said it was dangerous to walk along such a large highway, offered me a ride to the next town, and dropped me off at the bus stop, where I caught my bus back to Montreal!

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